Why you shouldn't support Señor Miguel's Mexican Paleta Pops!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last January, I went to Vientiane in Laos for a Chinese New Year family trip and I stumbled upon this delicious looking popsicles while having lunch at Rays Grille Burgers & Mexican. I did blog about it, as below:

Yes, I didn't like it and I swear it reminded me of the Sunlight dish washing detergent. Truth.
Then again, it's my personal opinion.

Fast forward to last Thursday, I received an email from this random person stating I have misused his photos and I do not have permission to do so. I was shocked so I quickly went on my computer to read the whole email. I found this:
I am amazed at all the false accusations he made up. Without any solid proof and evidence, I was accused of helping Rays Grille Burgers & Mexican advertise and misusing THEIR photo. Excuse me, that is my hand holding it and those are my two brothers at the background. WHAT THEIR PHOTO?

I've consulted the other bloggers in The butterfly project and some lawyer friends for some advice. They all say I wasn't wrong and I was not slandering his products at all.

From Google, the correct definition of Slander if you don't know.
So I replied him politely despite the very rude email I've received from him.
I wasn't rude at all right? You judge it yourself.

And the next day, this is how he replied me with a slight improvement of manners and tone.
He clearly did not do any research before confronting me, because I went to Laos in January. He tries to push all the blame to Rays Grille Burgers & Mexicans and hope I would buy that explanation. The main target is getting the bad review off my blog, that's all he wants. Everyone has flaws, nobody is perfect, just because he has ONLY positive feedbacks in Laos doesn't automatically make everyone likes them. I mean, even a big company like Mcdonald's/APPLE have bad feedbacks before right?

Judging by this incident, I am not so sure about him having ONLY positive feedbacks. Maybe he confronted other customers who gave him bad reviews like this? I don't know, just saying.

I was advised not to reply him anymore but I couldn't bare it. So I went on replying for the last time.
I thought it was all over and he would have been smart enough to save his reputation.. but then, see what he says.
I can conclude that the person behind this brand is purely rude, arrogant, deceitful & dishonest. I didn't even ask him for free meals and products, what does he mean by scamming small business people out there of free meals and products? WEIRD. He is clearly slandering MY reputation and defaming me as a blogger. I have never been dishonest in my reviews because I do not trust having false reviews on my blog. I guess the last sentence is talking about himself?

I've tried to be nice to him when all sorts of foul words have been screaming in my head. I have feelings too!

I had enough, I've been hiding his identity when other bloggers ask me who is he. But for now, I need to show the whole world how obnoxious and disrespectful he is.


Don't get me wrong, Laos is a very beautiful place and the people I've met there was very welcoming even though they couldn't really speak English. This person is just an exception.

I seriously wish him the best in the future, and hopefully he will reflect on his manners and character if he wants to go far in life. Bringing someone down doesn't make you above them.

Note: I did not censor the email of the sender because
1. The name of the sender is the brand itself.
2. This email address is publicly available (on their website & social media).
3. I have no inherent duty to not disclose this emails, it was not stated as private and confidential.

With love, 
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