Go On A Free Trip To France With L'Occitane Malaysia #Naturallyloccitane!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bonjour ma belle   2014 marks an important milestone for L’OCCITANE MALAYSIA as they are celebrating their 10th anniversary! In conjunction of this celebration, L’OCCITANE is hosting the #naturallyloccitane 10th anniversary photo contest which can grant you a chance to win L’OCCITANE Gift Sets & 1 lucky draw ticket. Guess what, the grand prize of this contest is a trip to Provence, France!

How to join?

How it works?
The idea of beauty is often defined by celebrity shows, magazine spreads or music videos. L’OCCITANE believes that the most beautiful look is just being natural. It can be any angle, do limit yourself to just selfie!

So in conjunction with their 10 years of bringing confidence to your natural self, let’s take a moment to celebrate the natural beauty in all of us. Show the world your most natural self, let it take the lime light for once. You know you owe it to yourself.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/loccitane.my

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