Beige Remy Sandal from Le Bunny Bleu

Friday, October 10, 2014

I've always wanted a pair of Le Bunny Bleu because I am in love with their vintage designs and the cute bunny logo. I finally gotten myself a pair from The Gardens branch because Le Bunny Bleu is currently having sale 

Le Bunny Blue carries a wide range of styles, from feminine, street to work! While the most hot-selling shoes are the adorable ballet flats, they are also have oxfords, loafers, wedges and heels. Most of their shoes comes with cushion insoles to provide more comfort walking.

I really find these mother-daughter matching shoes too adorable!
Formal wear shoes can be very fashionable too!

After roaming the store for half an hour(too many designs!), I've finally made my mind to pick this Beige Remy Sandal cause I have too many black shoes. My normal style has become even darker since it's the fall season so I needed a more feminine sandals to balance it out. I've picked these sandals because they are really comfortable and they provide me a little height.

Each pair of shoes comes with an individual shoe pouch and  care tips! Initially, I did find that their shoes being a little pricy but after trying them on, I finally know why they cost this much. These shoes are really so much more comfortable and I personally think they are worth the investment.

I really love the tweed cloth design which compliments well with the beige colour. Le Bunny Bleu do have this sandals in a navy blue colour! I eventually went with the beige colour because it's more versatile and it matches with almost every colour clothing! Can you spot the little silver bunny logo? It's so adorable! 

Le Bunny Bleu

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