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Monday, October 21, 2013

Ohayo! My final post for Lost World Of Tambun and I'm finally talking about the accommodation there  After an eventful day of having fun at the theme park & soaking blissfully in the hot springs, I was really super tired and I can't wait to crash on the bed.

Lost World Hotel is located just a stone's throw away from the theme park. This hotel consists of 174 rooms with your choice of kind or twin beds! All room charges are inclusive of two local breakfast at the Garden Terrace and two complimentary tickets to it's well-known Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by night. This hotel is also has free Wi-Fi service and it is a smoke-free hotel!

Picture credit: Iamfurfer
A nice and simple lobby
Picture credit: Trip Advisor
Yes, they have PappaRich just below the hotel :D
2nd Hotel Entrance
Comfortable sofa while waiting for lifts.
&& You get to selca infront of the big mirror too!

We've checked in earlier in the day but we didn't have time to admire the room because we had a full schedule to follow. The hotel was much better than I've expected, it was surprisingly big and they had a lot of facilities & toiletries! I am seriously impressed at the room 
Fluffy towels & Super comfortable beds. I kid you not, these beds are heavenly soft and the cozy comforter wraps you in a musical cocoon of pure warmth and authentic tenderness 
Normally I wrap myself with my own scarf because I am afraid of hotel's blankets but these sheets are silky smooth and fussy!
Bath Robs, Bedroom Slippers & Extra fluffy towels! *yays*
They even have laundry bags and a safety box.
A kettle, complementary mineral water and they provide packets of Ipoh White Coffee and Ceylon Milk Tea ♥ 
Phone at the side table
Message from Lost World Of Tambun *aww*
View outside my window
Basic toilet with toiletries & hair dryer!
I was so worried before I came here because I forgotten to pack my hairdryer along and I cannot bare a day without blowing dry my hair. Thank god they have the build in ones.
Big Mirror to selca again! *thumbs up*
Toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, shavers, face towels, tissue, shampoo, soap, shower gel, body lotion all ready. 
My cap matches with the beauty bag ♥ #monochrome fever!
The survivor kit from The Butterfly Project team, they prepared all this for the bloggers so that we wouldn't need to worry about toiletries!
Say hello to my bloated face!!
Enjoying the Ipoh White Coffee before I head down to have my breakfast.

Breakfast at Garden Terrace

The Garden Terrace serves breakfast over at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park. It's a open air garden theme breakfast buffet with varieties of our Malaysia dishes.

You can have a choice of plain soup or curry soup!
Noodles, rice, vegetables & Nasi Lemak!
Breakfast Cereals with milk
Coffee, Tea or Juice
Toast with butter and jam
Can you spot the Pancakes? 

Yummy local breakfast, can you spot how many eggs? :D
The curry soup was really thick and tasty!
We don't wanna leave Tambun!
*Rates are inclusive of breakfast for two and complimentary tickets to Lost World Hot Springs & Spa
Day Rate is at: RM150.00 for stays from 12.00 noon to 6.00p.m.
Extra beds will be charged at RM60.00 nett with breakfast and complementary ticket to Lost World Hot Springs & Spa for one pax.

Special promotions for card holders!
Lost World Hotel does provide services for meeting, teambuilding or brainstorming sessions with the capacity ranging from 10 to 200 persons.

Souvenir Shop

For those who wants to bring a piece of Lost World of Tambun back, you can always shop at their souvenir shop to bring back a fluffy animal plushie or even their signature Ipoh White Cofee & Ceylon Milk Tea! They even have varieties of cups, keychains, magnets and home decor that will remind you of this trip to Tambun ♥ 

The souvenir shop is in the entrance of the theme park.

Maybe some raccoon?

Next Stop, Home!

Very reluctant for a picture >.<
I was nom-ing on my waffle behind :p

It was a great opportunity to explore and travel with them, they are really fun people to work and enjoy with! I am so glad I was given this chance to visit Lost World of Tambun, I will be back again for my next holiday :)

P:s// Thank you The Butterfly Project again for giving me this chance 

Lost World Of Tambun
Website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun

* Pictures which are not watermarked are from The Butterfly Project & Iamstudio!

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