Laos: Vientiane - Ray's Grille Burgers & Mexican

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Before this Laos trip, I was doing some researching online about Laos but there were not a lot of blog posts about travelling in Laos. I had to depend on TripAdvisor to search for the best restaurants and must-see in town.

Ray's Grille Burgers & Mexican is ranked No.1 in TripAdvisor's food list in Laos so how could I possibly miss the chance to savour "the best burgers in town"! Finding the restaurant on our first day in Laos wasn't easy at all, thanks to the helpful locals, we managed to find this small and humble restaurant.
Price ranging from 36,000 Kip to 52,000 Kip (Around RM15-RM21). 

It was late noon when we arrived at Ray's and luckily there wasn't a queue at all. The place was almost full at that hour! The owner, Ray was there and he was really friendly & nice! They offer a wide range of burgers and mexican food, we just simply pick few of the best sellers to try.

You can see them cooking your burgers at their outdoor kitchen. It's really fun to watch!

Steak quesadilla - 40000Kip (RM16)
Pork burger, bacon and cheese - 43000Kip (RM17.20)
Rays Signature Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich - 42000Kip (RM17)

First time trying these Mexican Paleta Pops and I feel it wasn't good :( It reminded me of the dish washing detergent, Sunlight. (Own personal opinion)
* Because of the above sentence, I had a bad experience with this brand, check it out here.
I got a picture with the owner of Rays! 
(Please don't laugh at my naked just out-of-the-plane look)
I seriously have not taste such awesome burgers in my life. I cannot find words to describe these feelings of enjoyment. Seriously had a burgerasm! Better than any burgers in KL! It was so good that we decided to revisit again on our last night in Laos. The place was so packed we had to line up for a spot.

Blue, blue. blue cheese burger + Bacon - 52000Kip (RM21)
Really yummy and the blue cheese was acceptable (for those who aren't too fond of cheese)
Falafel burger on sesame bun - 36000Kip (RM14.40)
Sauteed Mushroom Burger, Bacon + Cheese - 49000Kip (RM19.60)
Just grilled tender thin sliced Rib-eye Steak - 39000Kip(RM15.60)

I really miss the food right now, it is really affordable and it's worth every penny! I don't have any specific recommendation, do try all of them because they are that good! How I wish I can fly to Laos! Or have Mr. Ray come to Malaysia!

Ray's Grille Burgers & Mexican
Sunday - Friday 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm-9pm.
Closed on Saturdays

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