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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Last month, I was away with the other butterflies for a 2D1N trip to Lost World Of Tambun(LWOT) I received so many messages from my friends after my trip, they thought I was literally lost somewhere in Tambun! This was my first trip with the bloggers, thanks to the fairy butterfly Tammy who granted my wish after I wished for it on my blog!

I couldn't sleep because I was so excited even though we had to meet up at KL Sentral at 7.30 a.m. I am not a morning person so I was very cranky when I met the other bloggers. We took a 2 hour train ride to Tambun because it was faster, more comfortable and convenient for us! I didn't sleep in the train because I was admiring the view outside

Cover up zombie face post :D Was very reluctant to take this picture.
Next Stop, IPOH!
First Group Photo for this trip!
Inside the train.
 Team ETS welcomes butterflies onboard the KTM to Ipoh!

It only costs RM35 for a sit-back-and-relax Gold Class ticket to Ipoh, with air conditioned coaches, clean toilets, paper hand towels and toilet rolls, comfortable seats and a small canteen! You don't even have to drive, go through traffic jams and stopping for toilet breaks. They also have a mini television and ample of space to move around!

For you guys who are planning for your year end holiday, KTM will have a special promotion soon! You can now check the seat availability, fares & train timetable online! How convenient 

ETS Staff checking our tickets.
The Butterfly Project team provided us with their in house beauty bag Super Chio!
The bloggers didn't have to worry about bringing any toiletries because they took care of everything from top to bottom, even from inside out! 
Unwrapping the beauty bag!
We arrived around 10.35am at Ipoh KTM station, we were welcomed by Lost World of Tambun's poster bearing boys Syawal & Firdaus! This two friendly guys became "tour guides" on our bus and gave a brief explanation about Ipoh and they did mentioned shopping which made all the girls excited!

After a short ride, we finally arrived at Lost World of Tambun! The place was really surrounded by trees and mountains. We are finally "lost" in the nature and even the air is fresher here!  We were also greeted by LWOT's Marketing Director, Angeline & her team of sidekicks! Of course being touristy, we took a group photo at the main entrance with the mascots of Lost World Of Tambun.

The "hidden gem" in Ipoh!

Can't wait to jump into the pool!
They have food stalls around to cater for the forever hungry Malaysians like me!

The LWOT team brought us to have lunch at the magnificent Kepuras Caves, which is one of the wonders of Tambun. This is a natural cave and it's naturally cooling inside! No worries, there are no bats inside this cave :) The cave was also lighted up with strings of lights, it was so romantic dining inside it.

 Angeline, the Marketing Director gave a welcome speech and introduction of this park, while we fill our empty tummies with good food! After that, a train was parked outside waiting to bring us around the Lost World Of Tambun.

This is the needle of Tambun.

Petting Zoo

We were given a tour of the petting zoo and I was so excited to interact with these cute animals! I think parents should bring their kids here because they are able to feed, touch and experience a large variety of animals in their natural habitats. These animals are well-trained and very friendly to people :)

Another one hereee! 
Picture credit: Iamfurfer
Fluffy rabbits are available to be cuddled!
They also have all kinds of reptiles aside from fluffy animals.
Mini Bird Park:
 ( Houses over 500 birds )
Disco head bird
With seeds, you can carry and feed all kinds of birds, including the peacock!
& They may randomly land on your head #likeaboss
They also have these gorgeous mandarin ducks.
You may also kiss the snake and wear it like a scarf.
This cute and colourful bird is the legendary love bird.
They are NOT friendly at all! They only interact with their manager.

The parrots are much more friendlier !
This parrot's name is Awang, and he can answer you if you ask him! So clever ♥ 
Feeding Ms Doe-a-dear :D
Tammy, Bendan & Furfer
Picture credit: Iamfurfer
At the wet land area where there will be a buffet everyday for the animals in the wild.
These animals are free to run around but they will come here when they cannot find food on their own!

Raccoon performing tricks! 
The petting zoo looks kinda small from the main entrance but it is actually bigger than it seems. It was a good exercise exploring the petting zoo and getting to know more about these animals!

Tin Valley & Tea Time
They do it the old style!

The tin valley was a remembrance of the past when Perak was the world's largest producer of tin. We get to learn about this history while having fun and participate in a real tin mining exercise as they used to do it back in the old days!

This uncle is here to demonstrate how to wash the sand to retrieve the tin.
The bloggers went in and try to get their own tin.
Our last stop is the Dulang Tea House which was opposite the tin valley. I highly recommend this place to savour these perfectly cooked half boiled kampung eggs and their old-fashioned grilled bread with butter and kaya. On top of that, you can enjoy a cup of Ipoh white coffee, tea or rice tea! ♥ 

Treasure Hunt 

We were separated into a few groups and were given the mission to accomplish all the tasks given within 1 and a half hours. We had to follow the clues given, find the spot and take a photo to finish the tasks! We were running from one end to the other end of this park, everyone was seriously exhausted from running under the scorching sun!

We all cooperate quite well but we didn't finish as fast as the other teams :( We did had a lot of fun and it was a pleasure working with these peeps 

Lost World Water Park & Amusement Park

We were too tired that we all changed and jumped into the cooling water. We went on the Tube Raiders, Jungle Wave Bay and also the longest Adventure River which is 660m long, it was certified The Longest Man-Made River in Malaysia by The Malaysia Books Of Records. It was so relaxing to lay back on the float and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Before the park closes, we manage to go on an adventure on the Lupe's Adventure which is the first roller coaster in Perak! It was a heart-racing ride where everyone can scream as loud as they can! We also went on the Dragon Flight & Stormride which swings 180 degrees!

Dragon Flight!
Picture credit: Sabby Prue

Lupe's Adventure
Picture credit: Sabby Prue
x x x

It was such a fun adventure and my body did ache in a good way! It's good to have outdoor activities because we can sweat our worries away and really let the happy hormones kick in! As much as I love Sunway Lagoon, I find that it can be too crowded and I would like some place more quiet :) If you like the excitement of the theme park & also relaxation, Lost World Of Tambun is definitely your choice 

Ticket Price
Adult : RM48 nett per person
Children : RM41 nett per person
Child below 90 cm in height : Free of charge
Group package is available with minimum number of 30 persons (advance booking is required)

Park Operating Hours
Monday-Friday : 11:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10:00am-6:00pm
School & Public Holidays : 10:00am-6:00pm
Park CLOSED every Tuesday except during Malaysian School & Public holidays
P:s// Thank you The Butterfly Project for this awesome chance 

Lost World Of Tambun
Website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun

* Pictures which are not watermarked are from The Butterfly Project & Iamstudio!

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