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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello  Today is my day 2 of Tambun posting because I am missing this place! If you haven't read my previous post, it's about fun things you can do in Lost World Of Tambun during the day. After the crazy adventure and screaming in water parks, you definitely can't miss the relaxing hot springs spa at night!

Soaking in a hot spring can be a wonderful therapy, the heat and subsequent sweating has a deeply cleansing effect on our skin and entire body & mind system. Hotsprings not only has the capacity to balance and harmonize our body & mind, it can cure a lot of disease such as smelly feet!!

LWOT team also prepared a barbecue and buffet dinner for us to fill up our tummies! Nothing is better than delicious food and natural hot springs with the cooling night breeze, relaxing spa and massages and good company! ♥ 

Fred not, Lost World Of Tambun does provide this service to the public. I also heard that they are going to extend to the Sandy Bay(crystal-white sands) soon! It's so romantic to lay on the wooden benches with your loved ones and gaze upon the open sky.

Grilled prawns, fish, crab, and lamb!

Yummy Potato Wedges!
Fresh Salads for Starters.

Picture credit: Iamfurfer
These freshly grilled prawns are the best! It's so juicy and delicious!
I must give them a thumbs up for the barbecue dinner and the service! I told the cook that the prawns were my favorite, he barbecued a plate full of prawns and personally delivered them to me! *aww*

Pampering Session

Aside from the BBQ dinner, Crystal Spa was generous enough to treat us to a luxurious indulgence with stress-easing pampering massages and mini spas. There were a few masseuse ready to give you a deep relaxation Head & Shoulder Massage to ease all the neck and back aches.

Fortune Telling
This lady is so good that she can tell you all your problems the moment you sit down. I am not too sure about that because I didn't have a chance to interact with her. She explains quite in detail therefore it takes a long time for one session.

These scrubs are exclusively for the crystal spa only! They are amazingly good but not available for sale to the public. My hands and face are instantly smoother and fairer than before, and the coffee aroma is so pleasent!
Cik Lily Putih getting her hand scrub treatment.
We are getting our Coffee Face Mask treatment ♥
Yes, we are 黄脸婆 (pronounced huang lian po) literally means “yellow-skinned auntie”.
Look at their relaxed and happy faces!
They have a live band there to accompany with lively music while you enjoy your spa treatment.

Hot Springs 

The main highlight of the night is these crystal clear and all natural mineral hot springs! Everyone was so excited to slip into the soothing hot water and let them wash away all the worries from our daily lives  I am so happy because I want to increase my metabolism rate and have smoother skin!

Lost World Of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa consists;
  1. Infinity Hot Spring Pool - 37-39ºC
  2. Steam Cave (Steam Sauna)
  3. The Geyser Of Tambun
  4. Top of the World Pool - 43ºC
  5. Foot Spa- 40ºC
  6. Crystal Pool - 40ºC
  7. Saphira's Lair - 37-39ºC
  8. Saphira's Baby Pool - 37-39ºC
  9. Saphira's Bistro ( Next to Infinity Pool )
LWOT reserved the Crystal Pool exclusively for the butterflies only! This enchanting pool is seriously a true beauty with crystal tiles and bubbling luxuriant warm water. Everyone was cheering with so much excitement when we first saw this gorgeous pool.

Crystal Pool:
Stunning lighting effects at night compliments the elegance and extraordinary beauty of the tiles brings me to an imagination of being a princess bathing in the middle of the forest.

This pool is surrounded by plants and very exclusive compared to other pools 
Saphira's Lair/Baby Pool:
This pool is a family pool which they specially created for the children, as children may not withstand the high temperate of the other pools. Now families can spend quality time together and benefit from the hot springs!

Look at our rosy cheeks, the hot springs does improve our blood circulation which gives us a nicer complextion and smoother skin!

Foot Spa:

Pebbles along the path gives your feet a good workout at various intensity levels while soaking and soothing them in the warm heat to heal your soles. Definitely a good treat after a long day walk!
Picture credit: Japhne Crystal
Infinity Pool:
The infinity pool is so breathtaking, it's even more gorgeous in real life.
You can order drinks and sip on it while relaxing in the pool.

Picture Credit: Visit Malaysia
Benefits Of Hot Springs:

Messy hair after hopping from one hot spring to the other!
This Hot Spring & Spa facility is the perfect gateway from your day-to-day stress while you rest and revive your inner soul  I got to soak in all the bliss at the hot springs and release my stress with the massage, I must say it was a perfect ending for an eventful day

Lost World Hot Springs and Spa by Night
Open daily from 6p.m. to 11.p.m.

Crystal Spa Treatment
Open daily 3p.m. to 11p.m.
P:s// Thank you The Butterfly Project for this awesome chance 

Lost World Of Tambun
Website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun

* Pictures which are not watermarked are from The Butterfly Project & Iamstudio!

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