Hello there 

Name: Carolyn Tay
Pronunciation: CARE-ROL-LIN 
Nickname: Carol/Care
Based in: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60
Date Of Birth: 7th of October
Email: carolyntayx@gmail.com
Occupation: Student in Sunway University

About my blog:
I'm a beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger, occasionally with a tint of fashion. I'm also in love with anything related to Japan. I don't think I'm considered as a "fashionista" but I'm definitely a Shopaholic! The reason why I blog is to share my love and interests with people, connect with those who loves the same things as I do.

About myself:
A 90's baby and a Libra, I can be extremely straightforward or may even seem harsh sometimes. This is because I believe in giving genuine comments and feedbacks. It can be irritating to see me make a decision, I will only make a decision after gathering all the information needed and weighing all the pros and cons. There is also a strong possibility that I will have second thoughts about it the very next moment. Sometimes, I do over-think about a certain matter and create unnecessary problems in my head.

I am also a full time dreamer and a wanderluster 

I'm not born with a pretty face nor the greatest body, in fact I am not satisfied with everything about myself. I really don't expect people to worship/admire me because to be honest I'm really not that pretty. This doesn't stop me from motivating myself to be better! ;) I sincerely believe that no one in this world is ugly unless you give up trying!

I hope you guys would support me! xx



Have you done any enhancements to yourself?

Yes, I did mole removal laser in 2010, traditional braces in 2011, double eyelid procedure in 2014, jawline botox in 2015(temporary).

Do you want to try other procedures?
Honestly speaking, I think that every female wants to improve themselves - outer/inner. I definitely would like to try all sorts of ways to beautify myself, as long as they are safe.

Why do you look different in real life than in pictures?
If I tell you that I need to take 202301839 pictures to have ONE uploaded, will you believe me? I also need to thank personal assistant/photographer - my boyfriend.

What camera are you currently using?
Previously, I was using SONY NEX F3 but I upgraded to SONY ALPHA 5100. Other than that, it shall be my iPhone 7 Plus.

What computer software are you using to edit your pictures?
I mostly use Photoscape to edit my pictures because it is quick and easy. I will use Photoshop for pictures that are beyond fixable in Photoscape. I would definitely recommend Photoscape, it is really dumb-proof!

Is "Carolyn" registered in your birth cert/identification card?
Yes, Carolyn Tay is my birth name given by my parents. I used to hate it but as I grew older, I kinda think it is not that bad.

Who did your blog design?
As of November 2016, my blog design is currently purchased from Etsy and I personalize it with the help of the creator. If you are interested, I did a post on DIY Your Own Customized Blog. [Click here]

I love your hairstyle, which salon did it?
For the whole year - 2016, I've been visiting Number76 (Mid Valley branch) and they have been taking care of my hair. Remember to mention my name and you might get a discount!

Do you speak Japanese?
A little, maybe. I have been attending Japanese language class since December 2016.

What other languages do you speak?
English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay.

Tell me more about yourself? 
Click here to read more about me!

I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

― Marilyn Monroe

Love, xx       

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