My first Botox for jaw reduction: Check Up

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ohayo! I'm so happy some of you guys find my aesthetic journey helpful. I've been receiving a few private messages regarding my aesthetic treatments, don't be shy and call up the MCU Clinic, they don't bite! 

One month have passed and I went back to MCU Clinic to do a quick check up with Dr. Tan. He asked me a few questions on my recovery and how I satisfied I am with my results. Honestly, I don't feel that it was a huge difference but I do find that my jawline is more refined and ladylike. I was expecting this in the first place, I need to work hard to loose my fat cheeks.

With youthful Dr. Tan.


What will happen on your check up?
- Short consultation (5 minutes)
- Take your "after" pictures for report purposes

Do I have to pay for this check up?
Nope you don't have to.

Can I touch up on my Botox?
Yes, if you want more obvious results, you can touch up.

How long will this last?
It can last up to 4-6 months then you can come back for a touch up.

What is your next plan?
I hope to experience other ways to make my face look smaller, bid goodbye to my baby fat face!


To my dear readers, you can make your appointment online and enjoy FREE Consultation & RM200 Cash Voucher. The consultation worth up to RM80 so take this chance and utilize it! Let me know how well did your journey go :)

My jaw reduction journey
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