Review: Wonder Belle Pain Relief Theraphy Patch

Friday, July 4, 2014

Recently I found a new product in the market which solves my "monthly" pain problem. I've never had menstrual cramp pains, but this few years I've these awful cramps every time my period delays. As I grew older, the ever changing lifestyles that includes sleeping late and stress made my period delay, thus resulting these horrible cramps. Thank god I found these patches that I can depend on instead of menstrual pain medications.

Name: Wonder Belle Pain Relief Theraphy Patch
Availability: Purchase Online | Selected Pharmacy Stores (See Below)
Price: RM 12 (Normal Price) | 3 box at RM 30 (Raya Promo)
Quantity: 3 Patch in one box

Air-Activated Heat Patch (Safe to use with medications)
- Provides warming therapy
- Odorless
- Warming effect up to 8 hours

What other functions?
- Relieve for stiff muscles & muscle pains
- Heat Patch for cold weather

There is 3 piece of patch in one box.

1. Clean and dry area of discomfort
2. Remove the plastic film and apply the adhesive side directly to the skin. Do not apply more than 4 hours.

I really feel relieved after using this patch and I'm thankful it doesn't have weird odor so I can use it daily. This product lowers my level of pain so that I can get to sleep at night or undergo my daily activities in comfort during the day. They are easy to apply and provide long lasting relief. I went more than the recommended 4 hours without changing the pad but I suggest you not to exceed the recommended time to minimize irritation or sensitive skin.

What I like about this product:
More convenient and works better than a hot water bottle
Can be hidden underneath clothing
Easy to wear
Non medical
Easy to remove, does not hurt

What I didn't like about this product:
It may take a while to heat up

Raya Promo:
3 boxes at RM 30 ( Normal Price: RM12/box)
Free delivery within West Malaysia & Free 2 piece of perfume patch

Wonder Belle

You can purchase Wonderbelle at these pharmacies:

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