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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh my, the weather in KL feels like being in a microwave, it really kills my mood to dress up nicely and go out. I really needed to get out to run some errands so I ended up wearing this super cute red checkered flare skirt from di-vine which I gotten last week. This is not my usual style but I'm trying to be more ladylike these days.

Di-vine is blogshop that brings in the trendiest phone cases and affordable outfits! I also picked up the most adorable silicon Sulley phone case  I'm pretty amazed at the quality as well, it is really thick and hugs my phone perfectly. I really love silicon cases because I tend to drop my iPhone easily!
Purple and teal are my favourite colours, and the case smells like honeydew bubblegum
Top: Nichii | Bottom & Phone Case: di-vine | Bag: Chanel | Watch: Tag Heuer | Accessories: Pandora | Heels: Forever21

First 10 customers that quote "DIVINECAROL" gets a 10% off!


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