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Friday, September 13, 2013

I have always been amazed at Japanese girls and their make up, in fact I am in love with Japan  If you have been following Japan's fashion and beauty, you should already know Koji & Dolly Wink! Dolly wink is endorsed by the beautiful Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka and their famous false lashes are to die for!

Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I was invited to their workshop which was held at Little Pantry, IOI Mall. I literally shout at the top of my lungs when I received the invitation, I can't even believe my eyes ;) 

Little Pantry is a European Home Concept Restaurant which I think the environment suits this dolly theme!
Even the cupcakes are so so cute!
The famous false eyelashes  I want to bring all of them home!
The limited packaging which comes with a free Dolly Wink eyelash glue!
All these limited editions are for the Christmas/Winter 2013 collection, I hope they bring them into our local stores soon! 

The famous eyeliner in limited edition packaging that comes with a free pencil! *screams*
Products for us to experiment around, I am thankful that I came with just foundation as my base.

During the workshop, Sensei gave us a brief walk through of the history of Koji. Koji was the first company to produce and commercialize false eyelashes since 1947! At the time, geisha in Japan would craft their own false eyelashes by hand, carefully knitting them using hairs from their own heads. You can trust they are able to produce the perfect false eyelashes afters years of experience 

Our Sensei which came all the way from Japan  She is very helpful and friendly!
She also introduced a few new and upcoming products!
Left: The normal curler
Right: The latest curving curler 

This is the famous Curving Eyelash Curler which is really good and effective! I will do a full review on it soon :)
Dolly Wink has an application called "Tsukema Camera" for Dolly Wink fans to virtually try on Dolly Wink's false eyelashes and you can make sure that the eyelashes fits you well!
This is the example of the app:
Available on IOS and Android 
x x x

Introducing the new natural false eyelash range - Lash Concierge:
(Not in stores yet!)

Lash Concierge is a range of natural-looking false eyelashes. In this "Lash Concierge" series, they have 8 different types of false lashes. And all of them are designed to be wearable and suitable for work. Meaning they don't look dramatic and your coworkers might not even notice that you're wearing the false lashes!
Picture credited: Sabrina Tajudin
These are the eyelash tester where you can put above your eye to try them!
Japanese are so creative right??
 x x x

Koji's new eyetape: Dream Magic Miracle Change Eyetape
Most asian have single eyelids, that's why it's important to enhance our eyes by creating a double eyelid! 
Model using Koji's eyelid tape! No surgery is needed 

Live demo

The Sensei was picking models for a demo session to try out the Lash Concierge false eyelahes! So, Angeline and I quickly volunteer ourselves because we can't wait to try it out. As you know, Japanese are super good at beauty and make up! I am so honored to have the opportunity to learn make up tips from a Japanese  Check out the results!
Sensei sticking the false eyelashes on me, my own eyelashes are so short and empty right now!
Obvious isn't it??
I'm using No.8 from Lash Concierge for my top lashes, which is 110% Natural. For my bottom lashes, I'm using Dolly wink's No.5 Real Nude bottom lashes! 

Lash Concierge definitely gives a gorgeous and dramatic finish to enhance my eyes. These lashes surprisingly feels so natural, it doesn't weigh as much as the normal false eyelashes! It doesn't feel like I'm wearing false lashes, definitely my most favorite product from Koji! I am in love with Lash Concierge now, I can't go out without it :)

Lunch time

We are also provided with lunch, with the choice of fish or chicken. The food isn't that bad, I chose the fish but I think the chicken taste much better :)

My babes and sensei <3
I look super dolly with these Lash Concierge false eyelashes! 
Wink wink with Dolly Wink ♥ 

* Pictures courtesy of Angeline & Chency because I brought my camera out without a memory card :(

The Butterfly Project
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