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Monday, September 16, 2013

Greetings  I'm back with another "kawaii" make up workshop by BCL! I still remember my first BCL product was a Mascara, my dad saw so many people buying BCL during his trip to Japan so he got it for me to try. I fell in love with it but sadly it wasn't available in Malaysia back then :( But fred not, BCL is now available in all Sasa nationwide!

What is BCL?
BCL is short for Beauty Creative Lab. BCL is suitable for fashionable young, working adults who want to look good! There are a few fantastic range of products under the BCL brand which is Makemania Data, BrowLash Ex, Tsururi and etc.

Mr. Tanabe introduced four latest makeup trends in Japan:
  • Shibuya Girl (Cool & Confident)
    They love dressing in monotone, stylish and chic clothes. You can find this type of girls in a Trendy Boutique in Aoyama Area. Their signature makeup would be sharp and impressive eyeliner with black hair.  
  • Akihabara Girl (Dolly & Natural)
    They love character toys or anime. They are sweet with their natural makeup and bobbed hair. 
  • Harajuku Girl (Pop & Sweet)
    They love accessories, casual and colorful clothes. They look young and cute like teenagers. Harajuku girls most probably dyed their hair and wear gradational eye shadow.
  • Yokohama Girl (Fairy & Elegant)
    Yokohama Girl loves luxury items. They are feminine and wear conservative fashion. They also love to wear thick makeup with airy and curled long hair. 

Due to time constraints, Mr Tanabe decided to demonstrate Akihabara Girl which is a dolly & natural make up! BCL team has already prepared lots of cosmetics for us to experiment around.
How I wish I can bring all these home!

How to achieve Akihabara Girl look?

Bass Makeup: Clearlast Face Powder by Peach John
The pink one is matt finish and the black one has a shinny effect, the powder has a sweet peach scent.
Step 1: Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid
It's a two-in-one eyebrow kid where one end if pencil and the other end is a liquid form.
This can be used as an eyeliner too!
Step 2: MakeMania Data Gradation Tip Shadow
For a dolly yet natural look, we have to mix 2 shades to achieve gradation eyeshadow for rounder eyes! You have to line the light eye shadow at your inner eyelids and the darker eye shadow was placed at the end of the eyelids. Then, use a cotton bud to blend the eye shadow all over the eyelid to balance out.
Step 3: MakeMania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner
I choose the deep brown gel eyeliner because I want to achieve a more natural look! With this eyeliner, you can use it to link your eyelashes by covering the holes between them to achieve a fuller eyelash look! You can also use it to line the waterline of your eyes and blend it with a cotton bud to achieve a softer look. 
Liquid Eyeliner & Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner
Both available in Black and Brown
I did use the Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner in Brown to line my eyes for the second time because I prefer a stronger eyeliner look for a rounder eyes! I must say this is my most favourite item :D
Step 4: Browlash Ex Curler Express/Lash Sclupture/Volume Lash Fiber
BCL have 3 types of mascara that you can use to achieve a long, volume and curly eyelashes without a eyelash curler! First use the Volume Lash Fiber to elongate your lashes in zig-zag manner. Then, use Lash Curler Express to curl your lashes by holding the applicator against your lashes for 3 seconds. Lastly, use Lash Sculpture to separate the lashes by combing gently!
Step 5: MakeMania Data Essence Rouge Gloss
Available in Strawberry Red, Peach Orange & Cherry Pink
I was given the peach orange and it's so natural! This colour gave me a sweet and glossy lips and the smell is so good :) 
See the difference between bare look and with make up on.
The mascara is done without any eyelash curler :) I am amazed!
As a special gift, BCL team also gave us the TSURURI GHASSOUL PASTE to try it out when we remove our make up at home. It can be used as a scrub/natural make up remover. This paste will gives our skin a "TULU-TULU" finish, which means our skin will feel as soft as the surface of a hard boiled egg. 

Selca Time
With my partner for that workshop, Ms Chency 
*excuse my camera strap*
With my favorite babes ♥ 
I've only known them for some time but we are close as ever!
With the pretty Joanna & Mr Tanabe !
BCL even brought us chocolates from Japan! Oishii desu ;)

Thank you so much to BCL Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for the exclusive invitation  I can't thank them enough for all the tips and tricks to improve my make up skills!

BCL Malaysia
Website: http://www.bcl-company.jp/
Facebook(Japan): https://www.facebook.com/Bclcompany
Facebook(Malaysia): https://www.facebook.com/BclMalaysia

* Pictures courtesy of Furfer & Angeline Ng :)

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