Vanity Trove x Eau Thermale Avène Workshop @ Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greetings! Last saturday, I was lucky to be invited by Vanity Trove to join a beauty & skin workshop by Eau Thermale Avène. I bet everyone knows this brand because of their famous magical spring water 

A brief introduction about Avène:
Avène is a dermo-cosmetique (dermatology based cosmetic) skin care brand dedicated to all levels of skin sensitivity, from mildly sensitive to atopic (allergic). All the Avène products in the range contain Avène Thermal Spring Water, endorsed by dermatologists worldwide for its soothing properties. You can purchase Avène in any local pharmacies nationwide!

What level is your sensitivity? Check it out here.
The Magical Spring Water
Other than the spring water, Avène have varieties of products such as Moisturiser, toner & sunscreen!
Avène team giving a brief introduction & history about the brand.
You can read about it below.

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We start by removing all our make up by using Avène water based make up remover.
It's really cooling and not sticky at all, you don't have to rinse your face because it does not leave any residue.
Since I have really sensitive skin, I opt for the Gentle Cleanser!
It's perfect for those who have really sensitive skin, this cleanser does not require to wash off, just wipe with tissue.
I washed with water and my skin instantly feel like baby skin, so soft ♥ 
Next, we have to spray the magical spring water on our face.
My face feels so refreshing!
The thermal spring water is perfect for hot weather, dry & dehydrated skin, skin allergies & sun burned skin.
We applied mask soaked with the spring water on our face for better results.
I was too busy relaxing that I forgotten other pictures. Avène team was really helpful the whole time, they explained every single product to us to make sure we didn't pick any wrong product. We also applied Moisturing Lotion, Moisturiser & Sun Screen on our face, these three products were a little sticky but after a while it dries off and you don't feel it anymore.

Avène team gave us a skin analysis to know more about our skin.
Mine was bad :'(

The Gentle range
Magical Spring Water
Sun screen for protection.
Different kind of Avène cleansers
I learned so much about different skin types in this workshop, I didn't know there was so many products(more than you can think of) in the market that caters for different kinds of skin type. Normally there are just oily, dry, normal or combination skin type but Avène provides more than this few. I also get to learn more about my skin from the skin analysis, I can cure my skin problem more effectively!

They have a wide range of products for every sensitive skin need:

  • Cleanance - For Oily & Blemished Skin
  • Sensitive White - For Whitening
  • Hydrance Optimale - For Dehydrated Skin
  • Eluage - For Anti-Ageing
  • Sérénage - For Anti-Ageing
  • Essential Care - For Normal to Combination Skin
  • Complementary Care - Extra Care for Lackluster Skin
  • Hypersensitive - For Intolerant and Allergic Skin
  • Cold Cream & TriXèra Selectiose - For Dry and Very Dry Skin
  • Sun Protection - Sunblock

Avène is available at selected Guardian Pharmacy, Watson's Personal Care Store, Caring Pharmacy, Sasa Cosmetics and Independant Pharmacies.

*Avène also have a lot of promotions and workshop for their Facebook fans so remember to subscribe to them to find out more 

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Thank you Avène & Vanity Trove :)

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