Reasons to go to a Massage Party

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The butterfly project are organizing a Massage Party on 6th July again and this time I need to go so badly since I missed the spa party on June :'( So I created lots of excuses and reasons why I need to go and pray hard that I will be chosen by our dearest superwoman - Tammy :D

I have been to Amante for 3 times for their massage and I really miss it so much. Amante's staff are very professional and are mostly locals so there is no communication barrier. They are well trained, friendly, and polite. Another thing is that they also know just where to massage to hit that magic spot.

As for the environment, I super love the aroma and fragrance at their place; Cymbopogon (lemongrass) scent in the air. I also enjoy their complimentary ginger tea very much, I think it gives off a very classy yet relaxing feeling to it when sipping on hot ginger tea after an awesome massage session.

  1. I missed out the spa party already, I am so upset! :(
  2. I am so stressed out because my new sem starts on 3rd July, I'm facing tougher papers!
  3. Amante is just five minutes away from my house. 
  4. I am so stressed out because I can't get pass level 256 on Candy Crush!
  5. Amante massage feels oh-so-gooooood like Heaven!!
  6. I would need Amante's professional skills right after my shopping war in Thailand (25/6/13-2/7/13)
  7. Ultimately, I need to be pampered :)
  8. I have always been a loyal fan of Amante from the very beginning!
  9. I already have EIGHT very good reasons above :D
Please let me go?? 

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