SaSa's Fragrance Fair & Awards 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Annually Fragrance Fair & Awards is back again this year for the 6th Season hosted! Starting since 6th July until 1st September 2013, there will be 5 categories and 24 nominees which will compete to win the awards. The upcoming winners will be chosen entirely from customer's votes and you might stand a chance to win 33 amazing prizes worth up to RM10,000 when you vote!

Two top models - Amber Chia & Elaine Daly

We have to do a simple personality test to find out our signature scent, mine was floral because I'm sweet :)
Nominees of Best Women's Fragrance! 
Nominees of Best Men's Fragrance! 
I met Amber Chia again, my first time was Benefit Boutique Launch at 1 Utama.
She is as friendly as ever, we had a small chat and she taught us about tips on trying on perfume and finding our own favourite scent!
Amber and one of her favourite perfume which is Dot by Marc Jacobs, she adores the unique bottle.

You will receive a RM20 Cash Rebate Voucher when you vote for the Best Fragrance for each category. You can also vote online on their Facebook page and print the voucher on your own too! On top of that, You will get free SaSa Exclusive Umbrella worth RM49 & Exclusive premium gifts  upon any purchase of their nominated fragrance.

Every bottle of the nominated fragrance sold will donate RM1 to Breast Cancer Welfare Association, with a commitment of minimum RM10,000 whichever higher! It's so meaningful to shop and do charity at the same time!

SaSa didn't let us go back empty handed and each guest were given a bottle of fragrance! The perfume given is depending on the result of the personality test. I got Poppy Flower by Coach which I adore, I was mad happy because during the event I was urging other bloggers to try it out. SaSa knows me well :)

Thank you Vanity Trove for the invites 

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