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Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh yes, it's my birthday and I'm no longer a teen anymore ( I'M DEVASTATED!!) I don't want to admit I'm  so old already, but time flies so quickly, I can remember last year like it was just yesterday. With a blink of an eye, I might be married and also a mummy :)

Anyway, I didn't really celebrate my birthday today since my family do not have a tradition of celebrating birthdays. I spent the whole day watching my series and Mummy brought us out for a simple dinner at Dome @ Midvalley. I did celebrate my birthday like a princess with my love on Saturday, I'm so glad for everything. * His first time planning *

On saturday, my love brought me out for shopping at Bukit Bintang area, I insisted because I want to go H&M @ Lot 10 so so badly! Everywhere is so crowded especially in H&M, it's so crazy inside I don't have a place to breathe! I only managed to grab 3 items since the queue is so long I have to try the clothes in a random corner :'(

After a long day, it is finally dinner time! We went to Publika because he knows how much I love that place :D He chose the restaurant which is Magenta and it's our first time trying this place out !

Complimentary starters :)
The staff gave me this to kill the boredom while waiting for food to be served !

Starters: Grilled Escargots  (RM12)
It was damn good, one of the best I've tried ! Must order this again :D

Iced Cocoa & Iced Cappucino (RM16 each)
100% pure with no additives, I'm serious!! You can seriously taste the cocoa and coffee only! 

Magenta Chicken Chop ( RM29 )
Very home cooked feel, the chicken chop is humongous.  

Lamb Cutlets ( RM42 )
Very nicely done, the meat was still soft and juicy. I was so worried I can't bite because of my braces but it's perfect!

Rating: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: Above average
Comments: Food serving time was kinda slow but the staff was so friendly. They will smile brightly even with 0.1% of eye contact! 

I had a birthday countdown at I-city @ Shah Alam, that place was crowded with mostly Malays ( Not discriminating!! ). It's my second visit, apparently they upgraded that place to a fun fair. That's why so many family decide to spend their day there. It's kinda pricy to play the facilities there! We watched a 7 minute 6D movie at a movie theatre which cost RM12 per person & sat on a Ferris Wheel for only one round, RM10 per person :'(

The glowing trees !

Thank you my baby C for giving me such sucky pictures!! :'(


After a whole day, my make up gave up so I look like a zombie :) Please excuse me.
Top: TimeSquare & Forever21
Bottom: TimeSquare
Watch: Tag heuer
Accessories: Pandora & Pandorabox
Bag: Gucci

Judging from my pictures, I seriously need a new camera, any suggestions? Leave me a comment! Thank you :)

xox, c

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