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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Cleansing bar which is loved by famous stars like Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna & more! 
Handmade from  six of the purest vegetable oils, 15 hand-picked herbs and Gamila's secret 

" I talk with the herbs and they responds to me with their secrets "

Tonight, I'm publicly confessing my love! I'm no longer timid and scare but in fact feeling very excited to share this with everyone. Meet my current love, Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar. I met it last month, and was given a challenge for 28 days to love it. I really fell so deeply in love with this cleansing bar.

Let me give a brief introduction of my love.The founder of my love is Gamila Hiar, she devoted her life to create this bar soap and share the beauty of nature to everyone in the world. Gamila Secret Bar Soap is made with ingredients that are 100% natural and are handmade with lots of love, herbs and contains more than 80% extra-virgin oil which equivalent to 220 pressed Syrian olives. Gamila Secret Bar Soap is handmade in Galilee and takes a few months to produce one.

Can you feel the love and devotion now?? *sniff*

This is the 30g Original bar soap
Price: 30g (RM66), for 60g (RM119)
*depending on type

How it looks like after rubbing it with lukewarm water, this is the plant's extract ! No worries :)
My results:

Some are taken under natural sunlight, toilet white light and room light,
I just change the brightness to make it better.
* Strictly naked face with no make up at all, please excuse my big and ugly face :(
My relationship with Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar for 28 days was great, like every other relationship there were ups and downs in this journey but I was patience and persistent. Even though there were days I look like a tomato monster, I'm so amazed with the results and how it changes my face condition :)

A little diary of my journey:
Day 1 - Starting to love the smell, reminds me of rice. After washing, my face feels so smooth and there will be a layer left on your face, it's from the plant extract!
Day 3 - It started to burn a little because my skin is peeling off, redness, itchiness and pimples popping out                    like popcorns! Everyday people ask me " Why you face so red? " !!
Day 6 - Bits of skin peeling off around my mouth and nose area, burning effect is reducing, my nose area very dry, skin feels so tight yet so soft!
Day 13 - Pimples popping out one by one and they recover very fast.
Day 17 - Acne starting to cure, pores are minimizing, skin is not that oily anymore.
Day 28 - My face condition have improved so much, it's not perfect but I'm so happy with it! :)

- The scent is great
- Effect of cleansing never fails me
- Definitely cures acne problem
- Suitable for babies, children and adults & female and male.
- Suitable for face, body and "intimate" parts
- Can be use as shaving cream, ( It works, I tried it! )

- First 15 days have to go out with scary face :'(
- Have to use lukewarm water to activate before washing the face
- Needs a special container
- Messy to me since it's a bar soap
- Price kind of steep but it makes sense since so much hard work in production

* Now, Let me share to you guys how to get this amazing bar soap for free!
1) Just log on to
2) Like Gamila Secret Facebook page
3) Join the quiz contest and send in by 15th October 2012! Thats all :)

For more information, check out 

Are you willing to take up this 28 days challenge??

xox, c

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