How to save your damaged, weak and bleached hair?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I know, a lot of you have been wondering about this burning question. As a matter of fact, people have been asking me why my hair can maintain so strong, soft and healthy even with all the crazy colour changing, bleaching and styling. How is that even possible right?

Dry, damaged, coarse or fried hair?
It is unavoidable when you bleach, colour and style often.

I'm glad to share with you my latest experience at Number76, Publika (My first time there! I'm usually in Mid Valley) using the latest 360° Beautiful Hair - Global Milbon Salon Hair Treatment. Believe me when I say it's 360°, my hair literally went from the Sahara dessert to fabulous silky smooth water ride. The result was just too unbelievable!

I have been going to Number76 for almost a year now and I have always loved the Ultrasonic Treatment and the Milbon Hair Treatment for its amazing long lasting results. However, the new Global Milbon Salon Hair Treatment have totally brought the treatment game to a whole new level! Can you imagine if you combine the Global Milbon Salon Hair Treatment with Ultrasonic Treatment technology? That's even more effective.

Global Milbon Hair Care Collection

Smooth Collection - for fine, medium and coarse hair.
Fresh floral scent

Moisture Collection - dull, dry and porous hair.
Fruity aqueous scent

Repair Collection - severely damaged and over processed hair.
Warm sweet floral scent

Looking deeper than ever into Damaged hair, Milbon has finally produce a range of products specifically designed to repair never-before seen parts of the hair. This range of products are infused with the SSVR-Silk™ - a powerful, silk based complex which supersedes the hollows tubular gaps in our hair to improve the hair's overall intergrity; inside and outside.

My experience
The whole treatment was done while I was lying down at the hair wash area with a comfy blanket and an eye mask. The assistant even gave me a much needed head massage! It was done within 30 minutes and I was off for the blow drying and styling. My hair instantly felt so smooth, glossy and hydrated, the colour did faded a little but it become more pastel and vibrant! I was sincerely so impressed, I couldn't stop smiling, touching and flipping my own hair.

Can you see the result even after styling? It is not as dry as before!

Service: Global Milbon Hair Salon Treatment
Time taken: 3 steps(wash, repairs and seals) - 30 minutes for treatment.
Price: RM190, including wash & blow dry

Global Milbon Hair Salon Treatment and Hair Care Collections is available in all Number76 Hair Salon from 15 October 2016 onwards. You can do your booking online(here)!

Store Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
Branches: Publika, Bangsar, Starhill, Mid Valley, Singapore and Tokyo!

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