Fall fashion inspiration

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hi lovelies, my most favourite season of the year is finally here. I'm so excited to share my inspiration for fall this year and I hope this post can help you all to pick out a new wardrobe for the Fall this year.


It wouldn't be Fall without the wine red/maroon colour, it is one of my favourite colour to wear as this colour looks good on everybody! Not to forget, the ripped denim look is one of the hottest trend this year. If you don't have a good old pair, I suggest you get one, as it matches which every clothing easily.


If you have been shopping in big brands in the shopping malls, you will noticed that Velvet is back this Fall/Winter. I really love wearing Velvet during the night time as it brings a very sexy and luxurious vibe.

I just cannot wait to go shop for a brand new look this Fall. I've been waiting for a whole year for it, I'm so excited I can bring out my wool hats and dark vampy lips.

So, I'm curious, are you a more of a F/W or S/S person? 

All the pictures are from https://www.stylewe.com/. For more tips and tricks, you can head on to their YouTube page(here) to learn more about them!

With love, 

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