Tip: How to book with Expedia & get cash back?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

People always ask me how I travel so much? As a wanderluster but still a student, I try to travel as much as possible within my budget. It used to be expensive to travel. However, with the revolution of the Internet, it is so much easier to hunt for best travel deals and fly!

If you are a follower of any US beauty gurus, you know that they all shop through rebates website, and I've always admire that. Now, we finally have our own rebates website - ShopBack! ShopBack is the top cashback and coupon site in Malaysia where you can get a % back of the total amount spend on any of their partner's website. You also get to have access to a whole range of exclusive codes and offers from a whole variety of merchants — fashion, food, travel and many more!

Step 1: Sign up as a ShopBack.my member with your Facebook or Email.

They also partner with varieties of merchants such as Lazada, AirAsiaGo, Luxola, Hermo & Zalora!

Step 3:  Press "Start Shop" to Shop & Stay within the redirected tab till purchase.

Step 5: Start booking and get your 8% back!

Easy peasy right?

I'm travelling to Tokyo in October and booking a hotel in a strategic area is so expensive! On average, a decent hotel per night is RM400 and staying for 5 nights will be RM2000. With that 8% from Expedia, I get a total of RM160 cash back!

To check on your rebates, you can check your Total Earning or Your Cashback Summary. 

I have just paid and I will have to wait for a day too track my cash back. Depending on your merchant, you will need to wait for 4-5 days for it to appear on your account. Don't worry & be patient

Note: You can sign up using my referral link and we both get RM5 off

Keep calm, travel and save more money!

With love, 

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