My third haul from iHerb & experience using DHL express

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Morning  I did another haul with some girls last month because I spotted a 20% off promotion for Real Technique brushes in iHerb! You can check out the "special" link on top of the page to see the latest ongoing weekly promotion for iherb.

I seriously love shopping at iHerb because they offer a lot of products in such affordable price such as the RT brushes, ELF products, Physician's Formula, Ecotools & etc. You can also buy some materials for your DIY beauty masks that is not available in KL.

Part of the whole haul because I passed some items to the girls already :)
Any liquid item will be sealed separately in a ziplock bag.
These minnie mouse handsoap is too adorable, I got one for Caroline because she is a minnie mouse fan and I couldn't resist getting one for myself :p
My new addiction to the RT brushes family because I simply adore them too much 
I am proud to say that I've finally collected most of them!
Sososo in love with these babies especially the Expert Face Brush!
In my 2nd & 3rd haul with iHerb, I'm opt for DHL express instead of using the Priority Mail by DHL because it's faster. I've seen/heard cases where their package went missing for a few months before they finally receive it. If you don't want that tragedy happening to you then I advise you to share postage with 2-3 friends and you will only have to pay USD2-3 per person.

I also notice a slight delay from DHL express after my 2nd haul in iHerb. I was really surprise when my package took only 4 days to arrive but I waited almost 9 days for my third package! Despite paying on Thursday 22nd May, DHL only pick my package on 27th May from iHerb's store. I was so anxious I was checking on the tracking status every morning hoping it will arrive in Malaysia soon!

As you can see, my second package went to Korea>Singapore before reaching Malaysia and my third package only manage to explore Hong Kong before sending in straight to KL.

I have to conclude that it's safe to shop at iHerb if you use the DHL express. I've been receiving too many emails & messages asking me about iHerb hauls so I want to make sure you girls get the message! Anyway, if you want to pick up a few items and want to share DHL express, please do private message me! (Only for Malaysians)

My fourth iHerb haul (COMING SOON!)

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