Review: Real Techniques Makeup Brushes by Samantha Chapman

Friday, September 6, 2013

Holla ♥ This is my first haul blog post and I just got this package last week! I've ordered these brushes at on the 8th of August and it took 21 days to arrive in Malaysia due to the Raya holidays, blame Pos Malaysia :'( Yes, iHerb has worldwide shipping with only a flat rate of USD 4!
I got all these babies for USD 73 inclusive of shipping (Around RM255), that's a great deal right?
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Samantha Chapman, a youtube beauty guru collaborated with Paris Presents (the makers of Eco Tools and other beauty products) to develop an affordable make-up brush line called "Real Techniques." The brushes are cruelty-free, made of synthetic Taklon and not tested on animals. Each brush head is hand-cut and it works with any powder, liquid and cream form!

I've been wanting to get these brushes for such a long time, the only option to get it is from SHINS or blogshops that provide pre-order service. These brushes cost almost 2 times more expensive in SHINS than :/ I have no idea why they have to charge so expensive! Thank god I saw Caroline's beauty haul post and so I straight away order from iherb instead! 

Core Collection, 4 Brushes + Case - USD17.99 

This collection contains:
  • Detailer Brush
  • Pointed Foundation Brush
  • Buffing Brush
  • Contour Brush

I am in love with the Panoramic Case, it comes in handy when I wanna take my brushes out and I know it's safe to store them inside. I can even flip the case and make a brush stand with it There are two more slots on the left hand side to store brushes! How convenient! :)

Each brush is labeled accordingly with it's name on the handle.
Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set, 5 Brushes + Case - USD 17.99

This collection contains:
  • Base Shadow Brush
  • Deluxe Crease Brush
  • Accent Brush
  • Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush
  • Brow Brush

Blush Brush - USD 8.99
Setting Brush - USD 7.99
Powder Brush - USD 9.99
I am in love with the texture of these brushes and it does not shed at all! I have a few good quality/ well known brand's brushes but they are not as soft and they shed a lot. I find it very annoying when applying make up and the bristles are all over my face. Real technique brushes are so soft and comfortable, it's worth the time and money spent on them!
Free gifts found inside the package :)
I love the purple, pink, orange gold handle of these brushes, they are so pretty isn't it? I hope I can collect all of her collection because I am in love with all this babies! 

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to get a saving up to USD10 for your first purchase! 

Spotted! Taylor Swift using Real techniques brushes in her "twenty two" music video!

* This post is not sponsored/paid, I bought all these brushes with my own money.

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