Review: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set in Pink

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ever since I've gotten my Samantha Chapman Real Technique brushes, I thought my need for make up brushes has been satisfied! But who am I kidding? I don't think I will ever stop getting new make up brushes. #confessionsofashopaholic

I was lucky because Natta Cosme decided to sponsor me a set of Cerro Qreen pink brushes! As much as I love my Real Technique brushes, they are a little too bulky for travel. This new brush set would be a great alternative for travelling as it is lightweight and compact!

I received the parcel with much surprise, I didn't imagine it would be that big. I'm glad that Natta Cosme used a sturdy box to protect our brushes as you know the shipping companies can be a lil rough when handling the packages.

Message from Natta Cosme team 

Natta Cosme team even added a small gift How sweet of them!
The pink brushes came with a silk-like fabric pouch to store your precious brushes.

Name: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set
Price: RM29.52 (Normal Price: RM36.90)
Colour: Pink | Blue | Classic Black | Purple | Yellow
Availability: Natta Cosme Website
Content: 7 pcs of brushes
Nett Weight: 80g

Bristles Material
Modifying Brush: Sponge
Eyebrow Brush: Fiber
Eye Shadow Brush (small): Pony's hair
Blush Brush: Goat's hair
Eye Shadow Brush: Pony's hair
Lip Brush: Fiber
Eyeliner Brush: Fiber

Brush length: 12.5cm - 14.5cm
Bristles length: 0.5cm - 4.5cm
Anti-bacterial mini fibre
 The brushes are made from natural goat wool and 0.05mm mini fibre as it is more comfortable and also has anti-bacterial property. 

Wooden brush handle
The brush handles are made of synthetic material rodsmade and natural wood with pearly iridescent colour. Their brand "Cerro Qreen" is labelled on each brush.

Pink Blush Brush is my absolute love because the bristles are pink  This brush is the softest among all the other brushes in the set. It is so soft and not scratchy at all! The brush is made of goat hair, it is dense enough and it picks up product easily! The size of this brush makes it perfect for patting products onto the apples of the cheeks & for contouring the cheeks, temples & jawline area.

I am happy that the set includes a lip brush that comes with a plastic cover. This is my one and only lip brush, it does a really great job when I wanted to draw a precise line and reaching the inner corners of my lips! The only fallback is the thick plastic cover is hard to clean and it makes capping of the brush difficult.
This is the Modifying brush, it works like a smudger. I didn't like it as it is a lil rough on my skin and I prefer my blending brush. 
Top: Small Eyeshadow Brush
Bottom: Eyeshadow Brush

Both brushes are made out of pony's hair. The big eyeshadow brush is very fluffy and soft. They do shed a little but they do not bleed. You can only use it for powder eyeshadows, they don't work well with cream eyeshadow.
Left: Eyebrow Brush
Right: Eyeliner Brush

Both brushes are made of fibre with anti-bacterial property. I like how they are stiff yet not rough on my skin, both works perfectly well. The size of the brush is just right for precise application.
For the price you pay, it makes a cheap yet effective starter makeup brush set! Each brush only cost RM4.22 (RM29.52/7). I think this set is a good deal since it covers the basic makeup brushes that you need. I highly recommend this for students/beginners

What I like about this product:
Price is very affortable
Available in various attractive colours
Lightweight and compact, perfect for travelling
The brushes does not bleed

What I didn't like about this product:
The lip brush does not have a good cap/cover


Natta Cosme

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