Review: EYEMAZING X AMOYAMO No. 820 Eyelashes

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ohayo! A lot of people commented that I look very Japanese/Anime with my maroon hair so I thought I should try on a gyaru make up look for a day to see how Japanese I can be! I was so lucky because I've gotten these burgundy (brown+red) false eyelashes from Eyemazing X AMOYAMO collection to match with my red hair.

Harajuku models Amo and Ayamo were put together by DefStar Records to perform as a singing duo under the name AmoyamoTheir group name is a combination of both of their first names. 

The two Zipper models collaborate with Eyemazing to produce 5 types of lashes for each of them. Each pack consists of 5 pairs instead of just 3 pairs! They are so funky and unique compared to the usual gyaru lashes available in the market.

AMO's designs are ranging from pinkish brown to olive brown with mixtures of other colours. Their packaging is so colourful and pastel and each of the designs have a very sweet name! On the other hand, AYAMO's designs are a edgier black to dark colours with names inspired by fashion styles. Her designs are much more rocker chic!

AYAMO's No. 820 - Rocabilly

The packaging
5 pairs instead of their usual 3 pairs, yes they upgraded!!
A message from Ayamo with her signature! 
Colour: Vintage brown with cherry red
The cherry red accents makes an impact and makes it so unique!
Vintage brown on the front part and cherry red at the back.

The colour of the lashes are so gorgeous and they are indeed voluminous! I've never experiment with dual tone false eyelashes before but this one just took my heart away! This colour may not be acceptable by everyone for daily use but it matches so well with my hair! If you want to be unique, these lashes won't go wrong!

The lashes are soft and I really don't feel like I'm wearing false eyelashes!

Since it has a soft bone, you have to be careful and be really gentle to these babies.

It's available at Watsons for RM69.90 (5 pairs), I think it's really worth it because it's really high quality! They don't look and feel fake, and I would definitely pay extra for a good and comfortable pair of lashes!

Styling with Rocabilly 
Cherry Red x Monochrome 

We love our Eyemazing lashes!

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