Monday, October 14, 2013

October is such an interesting month, we have so many awesome celebrations such as my birthday and also Halloween! Yes, Halloween isn't really a celebration in Malaysia but that doesn't mean you can't dress up in scary costumes and party! ♥ 

This is my first Halloween party and if you haven't attended any Halloween party before or want to dress up crazily, come and join this Halloween Party with me this year on 31st October!

Event: Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

Date: 31/10/13

Time: 6pm onwards

Venue: Renoma Café Gallery, Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, KL

How To Join?

Comment on my comment box below with your name and email address & I will send you an invitation to this awesome party!

If you are interested to join this party, please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633

* This event is open for invited bloggers and guests only!

Tips For Choosing Your Costume!

I know you must be very excited to attend this party, and you must be spending a lot of time choosing your own costume but here are some tips for choosing the right costume!
  • Make sure it's reusable if you're planning to buy one.
  • Find your materials at home or DIY your own costume to save money!
And here is my budget costume for this party - a Zombie School Girl!

Materials needed
  1. Make up.
  2. Checkered skirt.
  3. Normal Tie.
  4. Old White Top/Collar Shirt
Directions: Google a good zombie make up tutorial and you're done!

I did this with the limited cosmetics I have in my room, and it was my first time! I know I don't look like a zombie yet but I will practice more and fake blood will have a better effect!

Hint: My real Halloween costume would be something from a fairytale, guess which one??

This event is bought to you exclusively by Allianz Malaysia!

As the holiday season approaches, Allianz Malaysia would like to spread the word on the importance of ensuring that your home is secured before you travel either by flight or on the road. Carrying cash during the holiday season can also be dangerous. Therefore, Allianz ATM Shield protects its policy holder if their cash is robbed outside an ATM machine. 

Allianz have prepared 4 new products for the holiday season: 

With love, 
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