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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I know it's already September but I'm blogging about my July box :) I got it 1 month later due to some complications and I was so busy that I forgotten about it. I must share this with you guys because Vanity Trove added Kose items in their list for the personalized box!

I am so happy that July's Edition is more exclusive than the previous troves! Vanity Trove collaborated with Kose to bring us a trove filled with Kose products! I am a fan of Kose and I am so excited to try these deluxe size samples!

Products are made in Japan ♥ 

Details of Products

1. Pure Advance Clear Up Wash - RM99; 120g
The luxurious texture with meringue-like bubbles that removes any excess makeup and sebum from your skin, leaving behind clearer skin and smaller pores. I think it has a softer result compared to the cleaning gel! I love the mild scent of this product.

2.Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel - RM119; 120g
The unique gel formula that spreads smoothly on your skin and turns into oil swiftly which effectively removes makeup, and dirt from your face and unblocking your pores for smoother and brighter skin. It has a nice and gentle texture, I think it's easier to spread all over the face.

3. Deep Protection UV with SPF 50+
Deep Protection UV powerfully guards skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays with emulsion-like formula protects the skin's translucency and firmness, making fine wrinkles less visible. With highly adhesive base that spreads smoothly over the skin which creates a strong even film for smoother and moisturized skin. It's not oily and sticky at all, and it dries very easily!

4. Pure Advance Essence Lotion II | RM169 @ 160ml
Containing natural essences to rejubenate, hydrate and plump tired skin, this moist lotion will also reduce the visibility of open pores caused by dryness.

5. Pure Advance Serum II | RM169 @ 120ml
The Serum II adjusts the balance of natural oils and water content in your skin and upon application, your skin will appear soft, fluffy and pore-less. Normally serums are in liquid form but this serum is in gel-type form!

Sample Size
Pure Advance Eye Jelly - RM180; 20g
Eye Jelly instantly replenish moisture around the eyes, creating eyes that radiate.

I haven't start to really use them yet but I will definitely try them out when my skincare finish! You won't get a whole range of deluxe size products from the counter unless you purchase a trial pack right? Sadly we didn't get any full size products in this edition, I think if we could have at least one full size it would be better!

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