How to be a responsible seller online?

Friday, February 1, 2013

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Hello! I just finish my progress test 1 which I'm 100% sure I'm going to fail badly. Who cares? I'm going to enjoy my 2 weeks holiday now! 

Today, I want to discuss about one issue about responsible and good seller/trader.The internet is so great we can trade our items so easily, I'm so grateful for this because I can sell away all my preloved items online! Please do view my preloved items at FriendlyFashion (username: carolyntay) or you can click it from the sidebar. Extra promotion for Chinese New Year !! :)

Back to the topic, how to be a responsible trader? I'm not a professional in all this but this is just my point of view *shy*

1. Keep your promise
It's very important to be keep your promise when you trade online, this will help you gain trust from other buyers so they don't have to be worry about the risk of loosing anything. Especially if you're a seller, please make sure that your claim and description are trustworthy!

Example: When you claim that your items are in perfect condition, please do a quality check and make sure it is good before delivering it to your buyer. Please give up on blaming your supplier or being too busy to check it before you sent it. That's very irresponsible!

2. Double check before you deliver items
As a responsible trader, you have to double check your items before you deliver them to make sure it's the right order. You may double check with your customer again in case there is a misunderstanding between you guys.

3. Items must be in good condition
Even if you're selling a preloved item, please make sure it's clean and presentable to the other party. Do not just chunk it in like a junk since it's not your problem anymore. It did happen to one of the FF member, the seller sent her a smelly wet shirt, that's just so disgusting!

You must also check your item if they have any defects before you send them, this will decrease chances of stock return or people trying to scam you by saying the item is faulty.

4. Missing in action
I know we are all busy with life and work, who is not busy?? But that does not gives you a chance to delay items in your own sweet time. There is a reasonable lapse of time you can be excused  if you give an honest explanation to the buyer. We are all humans, we will understand.

x x x

I'm writing all this because I came across with a seller who I thought was irresponsible. The seller sent me the wrong item and the item was in a really bad condition for a brand new item. I was shocked to see it when I open my parcel, that item has stains, scratches and part of it was coming off :'( I confronted the seller with explanation and pictures to show that it was faulty, she was so surprised as well. The truth is she did not check the item and my order before sending it to me because she was very busy. She initially wanted me to bare part of the cost because her item now is faulty and could not be be sold again :'(

In the end, she refunded me in full amount but it took me so much time to settle it with her. 
I have to bare the cost of returning the item to her by post. 

Can this be avoidable? Yes, if she checked everything.

Dear sellers out there, please be responsible and a lil more hardworking !

xox, c

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