Gotta Catch Em' All

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hi, I'm back with my childhood favourite cartoon, Pokemon! Those around my age should know what I'm talking about, we were once crazy about Pokemon! I can still remember waking up early every Saturday morning to catch them on NTV7 and buying tons of Pokemon cards. Who cares if I'm a girl LOL

Recently, I found a girl(Nazzara) in DeviantArt who created so many Pokemon inspired eye makeup! I know I'm so late in this but it's really worth sharing. If I see a girl with this makeup, I probably catch her with my Poke Ball.

I picked a few that I really love, and I think I will wear this look out!

What do you think??

Do check out her page for more pictures, she is really awesome!


xox, c

Instagram: @carolyntay

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