K.I.S.S.ed by Kinerase @ La bodega, Bangsar

Sunday, November 18, 2012

" With Kinerase, your skin is timeless."
Oh Yes! I've been kissed by Kinerase last month! I know this is such an outdated post but they say the last one is always the best right? Anyway, it's never to late to share this awesome product with you guys! 

Last month, I got an invitation from Tammy (http://www.plusizekitten.com/) to join this event and find out the journey to everlasting young skin! I attend the event at La bodega, Bangsar with my best partner in crime - Angeline Ng. Thank you for the invitation <3

I was excited to join this event because it didn't cross my mind to opt for anti-ageing products before I was introduced to Kinerase. I realized I'm no longer a teenager anymore, and I need to change my products to suit my current age. This event would definitely benefit in educating and guiding me in this process.

The crowd in shades of blue getting ready for a "blue-tiful" day <3
We were greeted by friendly staff and was given a goodie bag after registration. Kinerase do really pamper us by providing free air brush tattoo and makeup! We were also served with blue coconut cocktails and blue jellylips for refreshments. The theme of the day was blue, so everyone was dressing up in blue. The only thing that wasn't blue was our moods! 

Taken with my left hand hence the quality :/

Sealed with a blue kiss, wish for the best of luck!
We were given cards and a poloraid picture to paste on the wall of fame,
Mr. photographer took a really bad picture of me pfft >:(

So many display products, I want to bring them all home! Can I?

What is Kinerase?
" Kinerase is the only professional skincare line that contained optimal concentrations of a special ingredient called Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine), a potent bio growth factor found naturally in human cell extracts and DNA, not only delays the onset of aging, it also helps to prevent the cellular changes associated with aging. 0.1% Kinetin cream is also clinically proven to maintain more moisture with up to 26% decrease in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), resulting in healthier, smoother, in other words, simply more beautiful and kiss-able skin.  "

The results:

  • An improvement of 38% of fine wrinkles reduction after 12 weeks based from K.I.S.S trial, and it's the biggest impact of Kinerase.
  • 98% of patients reported an improvement in their overall skin condition after 12 weeks
  • 98% of patients experienced a significant reduction in photo-damage and less pigmentation within 12 weeks - a major skin aging concern particularly in tropical Asian climates
  • 75% less patients had dry skin concern after the 12-week trial
They currently only have five products which is the Cleanser, Treatment, Eye Cream, Moisturiser in Cream/Lotion. They each contains a certain percentage of Kinetin except for the Cleanser which is enriched with Green Tea Extracts! It is also proven to work great on Asian skin, so no worries! ;)

Even doctors need to be kissed :x
The staff was very helpful in explaining the products to us. I think me and Angeline ask a lot of questions because it's the first time we are learning about this brand.
We were all called to be seated for a conference/debate to discussed about this brand. We were given a talk for further understanding and also a Q&A session!

Amy Zheng (Regional Marketing Director of Invida) ,Dr Koh and Tammy Lim

Tammy was also a spokesperson for Kinerase, she shared with us about her personal experience with Kinerase. Everyone was so envious of Tammy's skin and we couldn't wait to try Kinerase! Her skin had the healthy glow and she look so gorgeous that day :D

Ageing is an inevitable process, and everyone ages eventually. That's why "Prevention is better than cure" :)
 We all want to age beautifully, right?

So, you must have questions concerning whether it is suitable for you, here are some FAQ:
  • Suitable for any skin types 
  • Specifically for sensitive skin 
  • Age starting from 20 years old 
  •  Improvement as early as 4 weeks
When it comes to everlasting young looks, I can only think of one person:
I want to be like her, she is 28 years old but she look like a 18 year old.
What sorcery is this??

To achieve a younger looking skin, we have a few options:

1) Botox - which costs a bomb and it is high maintanence
2) Products that contains Kinetin, a natural "Botox"effect *Kinerase*
We, females hate most when people tell us we look older than our age! (Before)
& Would be extremely happy when we get that expression from people who do not believe it (After) 
* excuse my lame humour, teehee! Those are two different guys!
K.I.S.S had a 12 week trial and a total of 275 patients in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan were assessed by 30 physicians. So don't you worry about anti-ageing products that are hurtful to your precious skin, because with the help of the doctors, younger looking skin is possible !

After all, a woman's skin is one of her greatest assets!

Kiss Goodbye Fine Wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin colour :)
XX, With love
Kinerase is exclusively available at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics only (click here to see the following clinics. This is because they want to supervise and be involved with their users! 

I'm no expect in this field so for more information, please log on to www.kineraseasia.com.my!

xox, c

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