Coach Holiday 2012 - My Must-Have!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Greetings fashionistas, I'm so in love with Coach's latest fall/winter collection! I've dragged my boyfie in to a Coach outlet so many times this week just to view it! This season's colours are amazing, unlike the dull look they usually have, Coach is bringing the "Color Blocking" trend back in this holiday season ♥♥ 

So many eye-popping colours to celebrate this joyous season!
& They come in my favourite colors - Purple, Pink, Red <3
My must-have from Coach holiday 2012 is definitely the 
Legacy colorblock leather large clutch !

A combination of sweet & chic, perfect for the day & night!
The colours will definitely spice up your dull looking outfit and gives an "ohmm" to it.

This is how I would match the clutch with, just simple and yet edgy.

This clutch will bring liveliness to your monotonous look with it's vibrant colours, 
and it is a definite eye catcher.

As a student, I always need a small clutch just to fit in some important items to go for a lunch date/tea time with friends. It's kinda troublesome to bring a big bag around for it so a clutch will be the right solution! With the rising amount of snatch thief cases in Malaysia, I'm seriously afraid of bringing big bags around anymore! Coach's legacy colorblock leather large clutch would be perfect for me plus it's in my favorite color - fuschia pink & purple  

Another item that caught my heart is the Coach Legacy Leather Soft Wallet, hence I'm joining ze awesome giveaway by onceoverlightly ( So, to those who are a huge fan of Coach but currently broke like me can also go for it! No harm trying right?? :')

Please pray hard Aggie & Coach would pick me, it would be a Christmas miracle! *hint* *red* *hint*
Good luck to all the participants & Thank you so much xx
*fingers crossed* 
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xox, c

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