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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The first week of October was my birthday, I was chatting with Karena when she casually asked me to come over her place to claim my birthday gift. She told me I can choose anywhere I want, and so I just jokingly said "Oribe". Fast forward to 2 days before my birthday, she asked me again if I was free. Little did I know, she went ahead and make a reservation in Sushi Oribe. I was dead surprised.

Chef Hideaki Oritsuki was the star at Sushi Hinata till he disappear from the scene and created Sushi Oribe with two other Japanese partners. Karena made a reservation for the sushi bar seats (best view and experience!) and we both went to the Lunch Omakase Set @ RM350++/person.

Sitting at the Sushi bar gives you the best to witness the art of making sushi.
The chefs are really dedicated and passionate about their work, you can see it in their serious faces.
The second chef - Naoya-san
He is really friendly and talkative. He is full of smiles!

When you are seated, the waitress will squat down and hand you a box to place your belongings in it. She will repeat the same process every time you want to take something. It was really awkward for me, I feel bad.

The Chef will also ask you if there is anything particular you cannot eat.

Love the Japanese tableware.
Freshly sliced ginger - crunchy, sweet and a little spicy kick at the end.
Appetizer - lightly sauteed vegetables, golden needle mushrooms and crab meat.

Sashimi Set(per person) - Hokkaido Prawn, Creamy Uni, Juicy Chūtoro, Hamachi & Suzuki.
Served with sea salt, fresh wasabi and soy sauce. 
Bonito Sashimi dipped in special garlic soy sauce. Superb!

Ebi Tempura - The same prawn head from the Sashimi set, they will fry it for you.
The first time I'm eating the head, you can actually eat the whole thing!
Ankimo Fish Liver -  According to the chef, this is a winter delicacy.
We were very fortunate to taste this special dish in Autumn. This also means it is super pricy!
Both of us was kinda shocked when it was served. I forgotten I don't eat liver! Surprisingly, both of us was in love with it, this liver is so buttery sweet, tasty an soft like pudding. I don't know how to explain it! I just wanna ask for more.

Fried fish - I totally forgotten to ask the chef what this is.
This is really sweet but the flesh is on the tough side, it comes out in layers. Super yummy!

Chawanmushi with sakura prawns - Soft and sweet! Definitely different from the other basic Chawanmushi.

Grilled Kinki Fish - The flesh is smooth, buttery and sweet!
The chef explains that this fish only can be found deep down under the sea, super precious.
Hirame Sushi (Flounder) - Sweet, sweet, tastes so good.
Kimedai Aburi Sushi (Red Snapper) - Prefer the first one because the flesh is more tough. 
This is sweet as well!
Chūtoro Sushi - Fatty and life-changing. I'm lost for words already.
Hotate with Uni Sushi - Creamy and sweet. Everything is so sweet to me!
Rice with Chopped Tuna, Ikura, Shiro Ebi and Uni - Superbly incredible.
Miso Soup - Can't taste any better, so authentic.
Fresh fuits - Green and Red Grapes, Melons, and Pears.
Now I understand why Japanese fruits are so expensive. They are on a god-like level.
The Red grapes taste slighly like wine, the melons and pears are so incredible!

Worth the price? Hell yeah!

The service is really good, the waitress clean the table every time they serve something. The chefs are so friendly and they try to explain everything to you with their limited english. At one point, Naoya-san even google translate for us.

We were also very lucky to be able to enjoy all this fresh seafood because they just restocked this morning. Sushi Oribe only restocks 3 times a week - Sunday, Tuesday, Friday. So remember to choose the right date!

You won't believe how grateful I am for this meal. The most expensive I've had in my entire life. And I gave my virgin experience to her. Thank you, thank you so much, I can't describe this feeling, I can never thank you enough.

Hands down the best sushi I've had in Malaysia, dying to go back there now.

Tip: Please make sure you have at least an hour to enjoy this meal, you don't want to rush into things.

Oribe Sushi
Ground Floor, ViPod Residences, Jalan Kia Peng, Off KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2725-8064

Lunch: RM350++
Dinner: RM480++
(Subject to 10% Service Charge and 6% GST)

With love, 

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