How to have soft and wavy hair with long lasting results?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ever feel like your curls don't last whole day? I've been through the same problem as well. In my case, my hair is very stubborn and straight, I need to use hairspray whenever I styled them. Problem solved right? Nope. With hairspray, it can be really tight and hard, if you spray too much, it clumps up your hair, so unnatural.

Recently, I was introduced to new products from Ma Cherie. I've been using the Ma Cherie's Aqua Energy Mist and Curl Set Lotion for months after getting my hands on them. After using them for such a long time, I can safely say that they actually work!

Let's see how I normally style my hair.

Step 1: Prep it with Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist 

It is a water, mist-type, leave-in conditioner that comes in a sweet pink packaging with sweet, fruity fragrance. It contains honey-derived moisture formula such as champagne, honey, hydroxyethyl urea and inositol that works magically on hair. This " Champagne Honey Gelee" will beautify strands by retaining moisture and adding shine to hair.

Whether with towel-dried or dried hair, hold the spray nozzle approximately 5 to 10cm away and evenly spritz through strands to get amazingly lustrous, soft and a silky finish. What's more amazing is that it leaves a sweet and refreshing fruity fragrance scent!

Step 2: Curl it with your curling tong

I'm using the Babyliss 32mm curling tong. Any heat will put your hair through stress and hardship, so remember to spray a leave in conditioner to further protect it before you apply heat.

Tip: Make sure your hair is fully dry before you start styling. Heat + Water does not work together!

Step 3: Lock them in with Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion

It is a colourless water - lotion that holds your curls in place naturally. The Curl Set Lotion is also made from the same honey-derived moisture formula as the Aqua Energy Mist. It is the ultimate protector for your hair, it set the curls yet protects them from the heat, keeping strands healthy even after a hot, curling experience from the hair iron/curler.

After you finish styling your hair, spray the lotion approximately 5 to 10cm away and lightly brush those curls. You can also set your fringe with it and it won't be clumpy.

What I like about the product:
Sweet and refreshing fruity fragrance
Have nozzles that deposits the needed amount
No need much effort/skills to use them (unlike hairsprays, you need right amount of control)
Light and easy to travel with

What I didn't like about the product:
Almost identical. I always mixed up the two bottles, when I'm in a rush.

Product Information
Name: Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist | Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion
Net Weight: 200ml
Availability: Exclusive at all Guaradian and Aeon Wellness Outlets from March 2015
Price: RM42.30 (including GST)
Made In: Japan

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