My first Botox for jaw reduction: Results

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I am back with results of my jaw reduction treatment and I am loving it! I can finally explain to you guys in detail and answer all your questions! After one month, I do see a much refined jaw line but I wasn't expecting a big difference in the size of my face because I do have a lot of fats on my cheeks and neck.


On Treatment day!
Left & Right


My personal experience

Do you feel anything in this past month?
No, I don't feel any discomfort or so.

Did your jaw feel tensed up?
No, I can chew like normal.

Does it works?
Yes, you can see a more refined jaw line. My face is still very chubby because I have fats on my cheeks and neck. Botox doesn't reduce them.

Any special after care?
Nope, everything just goes on like normal.

Any scars?
No, I don't have any scars at all!

How much does it cost?
I cannot answer this question because it depends on yourself. You can call in or whatsapp to check out the price range.

Was it a good first experience?
Yes, with the help of Dr Tan, it was indeed a good choice! I did a lot of research online prior to my treatment and there were a few who complains about their doctor. I do feel Dr Tan was really skilled and thus making my first time as smooth as butter!

What do you want to do next?
I am hoping to lose some fats on my cheeks and fats. I need to do some intense research before deciding my next treatment :)

I hope this series can help you decide whether to proceed with this treatment and learn more about it. If you have not decide on any doctor, I strongly recommending Dr Tan @ MCU Clinic, you can make your appointment online and enjoy FREE Consultation & RM200 Cash Voucher. If you have a lot of questions, I suggest you talk it out with your doctor as they know better!

My jaw reduction journey
Part 1: Consultation + FAQ
Part 2: Treatment + Personal Experience
Part 3: Results

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