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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stress Overload, imbalance diet, insufficient sleep? The SHISEIDO IBUKI range is specially for young women who have hectic lifestyles. This exclusive hydration line builds skin's resistance to UV rays, dryness and prevent breakouts caused by daily stress. It is perfect for those living in a hot and humid country like Malaysia, as we need products that can provide long lasting moisture to our skin.

The IBUKI range have been in Malaysia market for some time and I have heard so many good reviews from those who are using it. This time, SHISEIDO introduces a new Multi Solution Gel that works like a magic aid and it is a on-the-go emergency back up system for your skin.

A high impact gel solution for skincare emergencies to help rescue from multiple skin concerns. It is gentle yet effective and it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is non-comedogenic & dermatologist-tested.

How to use: Tap finger on gel surface to take up an appropriate amount and spread it over problem area. For use as part of your skincare regimen, use as the last step. For use over makeup, dab a small amount lightly onto skin.

The gel's unique bouncy texture locks in dewy moisture and has a rich supply of skin-reviving ingredients directly to your skin. The Connective Memory Network generates a pleasant texture that spreads evenly, as each highly resilient flower micelle maintains its shape, and the gellan gum like a Japanese agar adds a refreshing dewiness.

I love that this Multi Solution Gel can be use over make up. You know how irritating it is when you found a pimple after a freshly applied make up and you can't seem to cover that inflamed acne spots? This gel can helps calm the inflammation and promotes healing to that problem area.

I was invited along with a few bloggers to CHI Fitness for a fit ball workout. We tried using this gel after a sweaty intense workout and it does have a cooling and calming sensation. It is also not sticky at all and it has a mild green tea-like scent.

This gel make it easy to bounce back from breakouts, visible pores and roughness of skin. The effective ingredients intensively target problematic areas and help re-balance skin's healthy functions. It provides a shield effect that blocks out external stimuli so that the skin can recover with its own healing power.

SHISEIDO IBUKI Multi Solution Gel is now available at all SHISEIDO counters nationwide.

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