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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To all the Shopaholics, this goes out to you Today I would love to introduce iPrice, a new shopping website that helps you navigate thousands of different websites and millions of different products. They can help you to find what you’re looking for and then hand you over to trusted e-commerce partners to actually buy the products you want. To summarize, iPrice is your one stop shopping destination, your perfect shopping directory!

You know it's hard to keep up with all your favourite shopping websites, reading through all the newsletters in your inbox and knowing what is the latest deals online? iPrice basically summarize all that into ONE website, they even have different coupon codes and vouchers!

I am seriously amazed by the wide range of brands they are working with, there is seriously too many products. This website is for everyone, your other half will have no excuse shopping here! iPrice seriously makes shopping so easy, you no longer need to hunt down 20 websites to get the best deal.

For beauty junkies & fashionistas, look at the discounts! 3ce has some major discounts there, it is almost the same price as the Korean website without international shipping fees!

 For those who workout, Nike is also on the website! You can find the best deals for your sports gears now.
There are also baby stuff, home furniture, electronics and home decors here. Isn't it so convenient to shop here?

iPrice do operate in other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and etc. If you are not from Malaysia, you can also check out iPrice websites that are available in your own country.

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iPrice Malaysia

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