Nasse: My First Memory Bra Haul

Monday, March 16, 2015

I've only heard of Memory Foam Pillows but Memory Foam Bras? That's my first! I was looking forward to buy some new lingerie for the new year and Cindy introduced me to this brand - Nasse.

Nasse is a upcoming undergarment brand from Malaysia and China, they do have undergarments for females and males! Having over 20 years of manufacturing experience makes them one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. Their ambassadors are Jacy Wu & Jin Lin, both are reputable Taiwanese singers.

Nasse has an online store, but I've decided to visit their store in Cheras Sentral(Used to be Plaza Phoenix). Since it was my first time shopping with them, I think it was better to go and do a fitting test before buying. A correct fitting bra is most crucial as it does affect our posture and body!

Love love love this design but they do not have my size :'(

Trying out the memory foam demo infront of the shop.

Reason #1: SetaDermis-Innovation
Studies have found that surface skin cells, or epidermis, are in continuous birth-death life cycle with dead cells falling, or pealing away. It has also been discovered that an adhesive protein found in silk fiber of SetaDermis helps maintain moisture and increase elasticity. It also acts as an anti-oxidant, it resists free radicals and protects skin from harmful UV rays. Read more about this technology on Nasse Website!

Reason #2: Memory Foam in bras 
Memory Bra has revolutionary high-tech memory foam cups that mold perfectly to the woman's curves, thus fitting her individual, unique body shape. It moves with the woman's body and feels natural, like second skin!

After a detailed explanation from the shop attendant, I brought my first Nasse lingerie haul back home to experience it myself. I was really satisfied with the fitting, it feels so lightweight and comfortable. Most of their lingerie have thick bands so the bra can fit properly around your chest and gives tons of support. I do hope they could bring in more designs!

I have been wearing these lingerie for a week and they are really incredibly comfortable. It also gives a good push up for a nicely shaped breasts. I am definitely going back for other designs :)

Every Nasse lingerie comes with an Anti-Forgery Label. Do make sure you buy them from their official sites/stores and check it's authenticity.

After the first fitting, you can always shop online and save on petrol & parking fees! It is quite easy to navigate around the site and all of the information about the products are available.

Nasse Intimate Malaysia


K.L Branch

700-UG-42, Cheras Sentral,
KM 10, Off Jalan Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur 56000,
Contact No: 011-1281 4929
(The shop is just above Old Town Coffee)

You can also visit their other branch at Selangor and Penang!

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