Review: AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Heat Patch for Menstrual Pain

Friday, February 27, 2015

AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO is a brand I grew up seeing the older kids and adults in my family used to relieve tender muscles and body pain. It comes in a white/transparent bottle with a blue cap, the ointment is dispensed with a blue round sponge tip. I think I don't have to explain much about this trusty pain reliever brand as it is one of the Must Haves at home and most of us have one right?

Recently, I've been introduced to the AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Heat Patch for Menstrual Pain and AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Heat Patch for Neck Pain.  Do you know that, besides the AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO line, the Japanese company - Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. also produces the popular KOOLFEVER?

I have really bad menstrual pain due to bad lifestyle choices and I always depend on chocolates, hot water and menstrual pain medications to relieve pain. I understand that many of the ladies avoid taking these medications because of the potential side effects. Now, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is introducing a new product for people who are suffering from menstrual pain but cannot find the appropriate remedy for it.

Every box comes with 2 patches, each in their respective sealed wrapping.

You can throw the box away because every packet comes with a printed expiry date.

The AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Heat Patch for Menstrual Pain helps reduce symptoms of menstrual pain by non-medicinal heat therapy. The Heat therapy targets pain at its root cause as it helps improve blood circulation. By warming the affected area, the volume of blood flow increases and it produces vasodilation, which increases the supply of oxygen and removal of metabolic waste, leading to better healing and reduced pain.

I love the size of it cause it is more compact than the classic rectangle ones, it fits perfectly on the abdominal area without feeling bulky. It lasts up to 8 hours and I did not experience any itchiness or sensitivity. It was really warm and comfortable. However, I find that it comes out easily but still remains sticky so I placed it back on after I took a short shower.

What I like about this product:
Cute size that fits perfectly!
More convenient and works better than a hot water bottle
Reduce menstrual pain symptoms by non-medicinal heat therapy
Can be hidden underneath clothing
Easy to put on
Stable and safe temperature (40 °C) up to 8 hours.
Easy to remove, does not hurt
Warms up quickly

What I didn't like about this product:
It comes out easily but the stickiness remains.

Product Information:
Name: AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Heat Patch for Menstrual Pain
Ingredients: Iron Powder, Water, Activated Carbon, vermiculite, salt, super absorbent polymer
Quantity: 2 piece in one box
Product Size: 14cm x 7cm
Availability: Leading pharmacies such as Watsons, Guardian, Caring & other independent pharmacies.
Price: RM10.90 per box
Made In: Japan


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