Japanese Snack: Tokyo Banana Strawberry Cake from Ginza Review

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

After my first Tokyo Banana, I was hooked! I'm consistently searching for a new Japanese Snack to replace my Tokyo Banana craving  I was fortunate because my classmate flew to Tokyo and I got her to help me stock up on them.

The usual Tokyo Banana is a milk-flavored banana custard cream in a vanilla-scented sponge cake that comes in a size like a petite banana! It comes in various flavours such as chocolate, caramel and banana shake, caramel custard and they do have many different prints! However,Haneda Airport has very limited choices so I only get to try the Strawberry Cake from Ginza.

The Strawberry Cake from Ginza comes with a cute round shape and has a small strawberry in the middle. The filling is strawberry with the same custard of the Tokyo Banana.

The sponge is really very soft and texture is the same as Tokyo Banana. This Strawberry cake is very different because the duo colour strawberry-custard filing is sour yet sweet, very appetizing! Fret not, if you didn't like the original Tokyo Banana, the strawberry/ichigo cream blends in well with the sweet custard so it's not as sweet as the usual Tokyo Banana. The cake is not oily at all!

If you are currently going to Japan or in Japan, please stock up on these cute snacks as they make the perfect souvenirs. They aren't exactly cheap but super adorable and unique!

Rating: 4.99/5

Will I repurchase? YES! Anyone going to Japan please do ring me up!

Price: Price for a pack of 4 pieces is 483 yen (RM17) and a pack of 8 pieces will be around 1029yen (RM33).

Location: You can purchase it at any convenient stores in major stations, Narita or Haneda Airport. Haneda Airport has lesser choices! For the Tokyo Banana Tree(Leopard print), they are only available at the SkyTree Tower. It is launched to celebrate the opening of the tower and that explains why the name has a tree behind.

**Note: This product needs to be consumed within 7 days only. It is recommended to be purchased on the last day of your trip.

Tokyo Banana
Website: http://www.tokyobanana.jp/ (Japanese)

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