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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

OMGel  Sally Hansen is back with a breakthrough in gel nail polishes, you can now get the salon look at home with their brand latest range. The new Miracle Gel™ range only requires 2 steps and no UV/LED light is needed to achieve high shine and glossy gel manicure look.

The Miracle Gel™ is the first ever part-lacquer, part-gel manicure system that delivers up to 14 days of color & shine. Unlike the gel manicures in the nail salons, the Miracle Gel™ can be removed using normal nail polish remover, no special remover is needed!
The new line consists of 11 shades of nail polish plus one UV-gel-like clear top coat that cures thoroughly in natural light for a durable, high-shine finish.
From Left: Redgy, Pinky Promise, Pretty Piggy, Malibu Peach and Pinky Rings

From Left: Short Cir-cute, Wet My Whistle, Grey Matters, B girl, Birthday Suit and Street Flair

They are coated with 2 layers only!

The black bottle is the Top Coat and it is developed to be used together with the Miracle Gel™ colours. You can opt not to use the Top Coat, but the result will be different. It is the same as using the Top Coat on other nail polishes, the colours will turn out different as well.

I really like all 11 colours from the Miracle Gel™ collection in Malaysia but I only brought these 3 colours home. I think they are so versatile and can easily matches all kinds of outfit.
Birthday Suits requires 3 coats to achieve this cream colour, I really love this nude color!
Grey Matters is such a gorgeous blue with some grey tone, I think it matches so well with denims!
Redgy is so opaque! The colour is so vivid with just one layer, and this isn't the normal red!
It has some orangey tone in it that makes it so special.

I took the chance to paint a few nail design for the Christmas season using the Miracle Gel colours, Nail Art Striper and a dotting tool. 
Nail Art Striper in Green, Black, Red, White 
Miracle Gel in 110 Birthday Suit(Base colour) & 320 Short Cir-cute

Yes, if you are wondering, the Miracle Gel™ is available nationwide in Malaysia. The wonderful news is that one Miracle Gel™ bottle retails for RM34.90 only. So affordable right?

What's even better is they are doing a Xmas Duo Set where you can get 1 colour + 1 Top coat for only RM52.90 (N/p: RM69.80).

Set 1 - Pretty Piggy + Miracle Gel Top Coat
Set 2 - B Girl + Miracle Gel Top Coat

Name: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color
Colours: 11 colours available in Malaysia
Availability: Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Caring Pharmacy, Parkson and AEON 1 Utama
Price: RM34.90

Other products price list:
Soft Weak Nails - Basic (Hard As Nails): RM19.90
Soft Weak Nails - Advanced (Hard As Nails As Wraps Gel): RM24.90
Soft Weak Nails - Advanced (Miracle Nail Thickener): RM34.90
Soft Weak Nails - Advanced (Maximum Shield): RM31.90

Dry Brittle Split Nails - Advance (Vitamin E & Cuticle Oil): RM34.90
Dry Brittle Split Nails - Premium (Miracle Cure): RM34.90
Overgrown Cuticles - Advanced ( Gel Cuticle Remover): RM19.90
Big Matte Top Coat - Premium: RM29.90
Nail Polish Removers: RM18.90

Nail Art Pen: RM19.90
Nail Art Striper: RM15.90
Nail Art Kit: RM39.90

 Merry Christmas 

Sally Hansen Malaysia 

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