Update: My thoughts on VisaPure Gentle Cleansing Device

Thursday, October 30, 2014

In case you didn't know, I did a unboxing on VisaPure Gentle Cleansing Device and I have been using it for more than a month now. Today I'm going to be giving my thoughts after I experiencing it and an update on my skin. 
The one I'm using is the SC5275 Peach Model which comes with two brush head - Sensitive and Normal.
It has a pinkish peach tone long handle and it's too pretty!
This design also won the Best Design Award.
How often you use the VisaPure?
Despite having other cleansing devices, I grew to love and uses this cleansing devices much more than the others. I really love the fact that even the normal brush is so soft and gentle on my skin. I can use this twice a day and it didn't dry my skin/breakout. It's so convenient and user friendly, I'm treating it as a toothbrush for my face.
What about the power usage?
The VisaPure doesn't need much changing at all. Once fully charged, you can use it 2-3 times a day and up to two weeks. It does last that long.

Which brush do you favours more?
I personally prefer the sensitive one because it is so fluffy and it lathers well. The normal brush is also gentle on my skin but I still go for the sensitive one.

Which model do you suggest getting?
Undoubtedly, I would go for the pinkish peach one(SC5275) mostly because of the colour. However, this model has an extra speed which is good for exfoliating even if you do not use the exfoliating brush! The brushes are compatible with both model so you can also get the extra brush(sensitive) for your baby blue model(SC5265).

My face after one month of using the VisaPure. I have been getting compliments from friends and family members that my face looks much more brighter and radiant. I'm sure this is because I have a good cleansing regime and the beauty products I've been using are absorbing well into my skin. This is why it is important to cleanse your impurities so that your skin can absorbs well.

I also find that I have less acne and blackheads on my problem areas. It is noticeable that the dead/flaky skin around my nose are lesser than before. So before spending on expensive skincare, I suggest you to invest in a good cleansing device so that those skincare won't go to waste when it is not absorbs by your skin 

What I like about it:
The normal brush is also softer than my other cleansing device's brushes
Long handle, easy to hold.
Long lasting batteries power
It didn't dries my skin
Very gentle even though I use it twice a day
Light and travel friendly
Clears my pores and stubborn blackheads

What I didn't like about it:
Does not have a good grip on the handle, easy to slip off.
Charger is quite flimsy, can be knocked off easily (for a clumsy person like me)

Product Information:
VisaPure Gentle Cleansing Device
1. Philips VisaPure Peach [SC5275]: RM799
+ comes with 2 speed settings and 2 brush head -1 normal brush head and 1 sensitive brush head

2. Philips VisaPure Blue [SC5265]: RM699
+ comes with 1 speed setting with 1 normal brush head

Brush heads price list:
Normal brush head (SC5990): RM59
Sensitive brush head (SC5991): RM65
Exfoliating brush head (SC5992): RM69

Normal and Sensitive brush head requires a replacement after 3 months while Exfoliating brush head is 6 months, this is due to hygiene purposes.

Now available at selected Harvey Norman outlets (Ikano, Ampang Point, Paradigm, Pavilion).

Philips Malaysia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhilipsHomeLiving.my
Website: http://www.philips.com.my/

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