Bouncy baby skin with Bella Skin New INDIBA StemCell System

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I used to wonder why most of the Koreans tend to have beautiful, flawless and ageless skin. I found out later that they actually use up to 17 products on their skin everyday! That's a lot of work right? Well, Bella's StemCell Indiba Dynamic System can be your secret to eternal youth and beauty! It uses 4 of the latest beauty therapies from Korea 

Welcome Speech by Bella Skin's General Manager - Ms. Vivien Wong
Ms. Szu Sze shared about the wonders of the StemCell.
What is Stem Cell?
  • Differentiate, self-renew and multiply while maintaining the potential to develop into other types of cells.
  • Replaces/heals damaged tissues and cells in the body due to pollution, stress, lifestyle and ignorance.

How does INDIBA Stemcell System replenish cell and boost the collagen in you?
  1. Booster for instant result
    The new and improved Stemcell booster ranges between 6-10 times stronger for quicker cell life recovery depending on individual.
  2. Repair & Enhance cell
    This therapy is designed to maximise the skin cells to increase tissue metabolism.
  3. Reversal to a bouncy collagen-filled skin
    The dynamic collagen boosting stage begins, you can feel the instant face lift and bouncy skin like never before!

There was a live demo of StemCell Indiba Dynamic System on one of their customers.
Attendees can also experience the product with the machine to see instant results.

Why Nano-encapsulation technology is better?
  • It has a high affinity to skin
  • Can penetrate deeper into skin in a non-invasive way
  • Can deliver active ingredients in a time-released manner 
  • No downtime, pain free and effective
Bella Skin also provide free skin analysis to the attendees so we can understand more about our skin and ways to improve it. Before she started the analysis, she asked a few questions about your skincare routine.

These are my results. I have very dry skin and my skin has already lost it's elasticity. Thank god I found out earlier so I can change my skincare routine.

After attending the event, I was interested in experiencing the INDIBA StemCell System Therapy myself so I paid a visit to their branch at Bangsar Village II. Note: Do remember to make an appointment before you visit them to avoid disappointment!

I was introduced to my attendant - Rachel and she ushered me to do a skin analysis. Rachel had a small chat about the products I'm using while filing up some required information card. Rachel did advised me to top up to their latest StemCell Serum, I'm glad that they weren't forceful or hard sell about it. Eventually I didn't opt for the upgrade because I wanted to try the initial treatment first.

I was then ushered to the changing room to change into my facial gown and kept my personal belongings in the locker.
Each locker has a fresh set of bathrobe and facial gown.
They provided contact lens solution, body lotion, hair dryer etc.

When I was ready, Rachel who was waiting for me outside brought me to the treatment room. She explained the treatment and showed me the machine that will be used. Before she started the treatment, she gave me a heads up that the treatment will be a bit hot but bearable.

Rachel cleansed and toned my face before the INDIBA treatment. She asked me to rate the heat, 1-3 feels nothing, 4-6 warm, 7-9 hot but bearable and 10 for boiling. Rachel told me that it is best if the heat is kept at 7-9. If it's too hot, you can request it to be lowered. Thus, communication between you and your beauty therapist is crucial for a comfortable and effective treatment!

INDIBA Treatment has 3 steps; cap, rest and massage. The beauty therapist will first clean and tone your face then stimulate nine limp nodes on your face and neck for better absorption and detoxification. The first step will be done by massaging your face with cream and the massager. She will switch to another massager for the second step, it will be a little hotter but the products can penetrate 3.5 times better into the skin. The treatment will then finish with a comfortable warm face massage!

1st Step: Target epidemis level to tighten & tone the skin and achieve better drainage.
2nd Step: Target dermis level for collagen production and improves cell function.
3rd Step: Ensure nutrients and delivered deep into the skin layer.

After the treatment, Rachel did a final cleansing for me and applied the usual moisturizer, toner and sunblock. I was really surprised that my face was lifted up and brightens with only one treatment! As my face is quite firm, the only concern I have is my non-existent jaw line. Rachel focused more on my jawline due to my request, and tried to eliminate my double chin.

What can you expect from this treatment?
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved skin radiance and luminosity 
  • Regains elasticity and more moisturized
  • Reduced water retention problem and baby fats
  • Healthier complextion

Bella Skin Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: Bangsar Village II, Mid Valley, The Intermark (KL), Kepong.
Selangor: Damansara Utama, Subang.
Johor Bahru

* Pictures that are not watermarked by me are from Bella Skin's Facebook.

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