Tokyo Luxey's First Meet Up in Malaysia

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ohayo It was always my dream to visit Japan as I'm in love with everything Japanese, from their fashion and make up skills, food to culture. During my teeange years, I always try to keep up with the latest trends from Japanese magazine Popteen and VIVI. It was such a bummer since we didn't have much Japanese cosmetics and fashion in Malaysia, and I remember how I long for those things I see in the magazine.

Tokyo Luxey is a luxe community that keeps the world up to date on the latest in Japanese beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends. I was so thrilled to be able to part of Tokyo Luxey and meet part of the Tokyo Luxey team! On that day, Chie-san and Hiromi-san arrived in KL from their flight on the same day and they rushed all the way to the venue just to meet us even though their flight delayed. I'm really impressed at their punctually and respect them.

Chie-san did a small demo on each products and tried them on each of our hand.
She also introduces us to the current hot brands in Japan which is the Fleur De Mer, it specialises in hydrating skincare that suits every skin condition! They uses seawater from Bretagne that has not been desalinized so it can achieve a mineral balance that is close to our skin's natural moisuture.

 I was introduced to the following brands during the meet up and these brands are mostly not available in Malaysia yet. Fret not, Tokyo Luxey is bringing them in! You can't imagine my excitement when Chie-san told me that I can now buy Fairydrops in Malaysia ♥ 

Tokyo Luxey also have their very own luxe makeover series where they asked random girl on the streets in Singapore and they give them a makeover from famous Japanese makeup artist! The TV show features Japanese makeup techniques demonstrated by Nobuto Yanagi, a popular hair and makeup artist from Tokyo.

With the success of their online makeover series, they have launched their Tokyo Luxey "Luxe" Gift Box filled with 7 pieces of Japanese skincare and cosmetics that are used by Mr. Nobuto Yanagi in the makeover. The products are all very popular and famous among the Japanese girls. The items are worth USD265 but it is retailing at only USD32! ♥

The limited edition box features brands like Evangelist, 24h Cosme, Fairydrops, KOJI and etc!
 The Tokyo Luxey Gift Box contains 7 Japanese skincare & makeup products (left to right):
1) Make It & Co. Face & Body Wash Oil
2) Evangelist BB Cream (No. 1 from Japan)
3) Koji Honpo Lash Concierge Eyelash
4) 24h Cosme Natural Powder Foundation
5) Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara
6) Ohyama Kiraan! Metal Magic Eye Liner
7) Fairydrops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder

Besides being able to attend such events, Luxeys gets to be the first few to check out the latest Japanese cosmetic & beauty products to review. It’s absolutely FREE to sign up! Are you interested in becoming a Luxey already? Just click on “Become A Luxey” and sign up to be a Luxey here today!

For more information, visit Tokyo Luxey for more updates:

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