Taylor Swift Live In KL, Red Tour 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I just came back from Taylor Swift's concert and I had such a great time She is such an awesome performer! I've always been a fan of Taylor Swift despite all her scandalous news about writing about boys and all sort because I feel connected to her songs.

I wasn't able to join the concert because the tickets was sold out so quickly :'( I was soooooo glad when my dear Charmayne got us last minute tickets and it's in the Red Zone (worth RM728!) Literally scream my lungs out when she told me about the news.

Here is the pictures of the amazing T-Swifty for the night 

I literally feel like crying when I saw her live   I couldn't recall all the songs but she sang the famous ones like Love Story, You belong to me, Mean, Red & some from her Red album.

I'm flying off to my paradise holiday in 2 hours time, better doze off now! Goodnight :)

With love, 
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