PH Pastryhouse @ Lakefield, Sungai Besi

Thursday, March 6, 2014

pH pastryhouse has shifted out from it's previous location at Jalan Imbi due to the construction of the MRT. It was quite famous back then before it shifted to a new neighbourhood called Lakefield. My friends brought me here to celebrate my birthday months ago.

It's my first time trying pH Pastryhouse and the area is kinda dead & dark at night. It's kinda weird to have a pastryhouse in the middle of nowhere. It is also easy to spot them as they are situated at the corner of the shoplots and it is well-lid.

As a pastryhouse, they served cakes, breads and other desserts.
They have a small section of breads in the middle of the shop.
Thai Green Curry Pasta (RM19.90)
The spaghetti is served with thai green curry sauce, chicken, capsicum and lychee! It is very tasty and has a strong flavour! It's very unique and special, I really like it!
Lasagna in Beef/Chicken (RM18.90)
Very filling indeed! It is very tasty but I don't fancy the tomato sauce, it is too sourish for my liking.

Carbonara (RM19.90)
I think Carbonara is the safest dish, you can't really go wrong with Carbonara. 
The sauce is very creamy and filing!
Calzone (RM19.90)
My first reaction was "wow", it looks like a giant curry puff! This is my first time seeing a Calzone, it is really funny looking. The taste is alright, the crust was still crispy! This is too filing, I recommend you guys to share it.
This dessert has a crisp crust on the outside and feels soft & light on the inside. It melts right away after you put in your mouth, it reminds me of cotton candy! It has cream and cherries inside, it will be a little sweet if you savour it all by yourself.

Everyone took a chance to take a picture with this giant cake 
-taken with iPhone 5-
The two birthday girls trying to fool around while waiting for the cameraman to get ready.
The two birthday princesses
My favourite group of people 
Overall, the food was really tasty and I enjoyed dining there. I will definitely go back because I saw there was apple strudel served at their dessert counter. I'm a big fan of apple strudel! :)

What I like about this place:
Good food
Quiet environment
Ample lots of free parking

What I didn't like about this place:
Refillable Plain water not refillable?
They were 9 of us there, we ordered a bottle of plain water as they do charge for plain water. It was something like RM2/bottle but refillable. We refilled many times, as you know those glass bottle can only serve a few cups. After we paid for the bill, the waitress refused to refill our bottle for us. What logic? So I was a little unhappy about it and I whined non stop as I was really thirsty, the owner/manager eventually refill half the bottle of water for us. It's just plain water isn't it? What's the fuss?

No outside cakes allowed
Since pH pastryhouse serves cakes, we are not allowed to bring our own cakes and celebrate, we didn't know this beforehand. On that night, the owner/manager informed us that we are not allowed to cut our cakes there. The table behind us had a birthday girl as well, and they took their cake out and celebrate. Finally, the owner/manager allows us to cut our cakes there but they didn't provide us any cutleries & plates.

pH Pastry House
1, Jalan Tasik Utama 3,
Lakefield Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lrmpur.
Tel no: 03- 9054 8339
Business Hours: 8:00am – 11:00pm (Monday – Sunday)

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