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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's finally Christmas and I must say I am truly blessed this Christmas because I was showered with lots of love and gifts. All thanks to The Butterfly Project and Akiyo Jewelry, I was gifted with a sweet and simple bracelet as a Christmas gift.

They say "Jewelry is a girl's best friend", I really do agree with this statement. One of my favourite items to receive is Jewelry pieces, I can never have enough of accessories! A simple bracelet may just be the perfect gift for that special someone, it's really classy and it can be so meaningful.

About AKIYO Jewelry
Akiyo, which means “Bright, Clear, Sparkle”, is created to bring everyone a unique & meaningful jewelry that celebrates every special moment of your LIFE. Their Signature symbol, The Four-Leaf Clover, each leaf represents a meaning of LIFE: Faith, Hope, Love & Luck.

AKIYO Jewelry’s collection is inspired by European & Japanese influences in its design. AKIYO also aims to offer it's well made products at affordable prices, thereby inspiring women to express their individuality. All women have their individual stories to tell, a collection of special moments that makes them who they are.
The 925 silver jewelry here are coated with rhodium that prevents tarnishing.
Each jewelry comes with a special anti-tarnish pouch, care card and box  

AKIYO Best Seller Collection

 These jewelry  features natural fresh water pearls and enamel-plated 925 sterling silver charms. Some charms/beads do come with shiny Swavorski elements!

925 Stering Silver Series:
925 Stering Silver Charms; Starts from RM89 each.
These are some colorful and cute charms from their collection. Each charm added may represent something in your life and tell your part of the story. You can use it on your necklace or bracelet!
These bracelets comes in two kinds; toggle bracelet or lobster clasp bracelet.
They are really light-weighted and suitable for everyday wear, you do not have to worry about the size as the sales assistant will adjust according to the size of your wrist.
You can create your own charm necklace as well!
100% Genuine Fresh Water Pearl Series:
AKIYO Jewelry is introducing new concept of pearl jewellery to diminish the perception that pearls are expensive accessories for the more mature market. AKIYO's team has set the tone for an elegant collection to appeal to a younger crowd, making the pearl jewelry trendy and suitable for daily use.

The bracelets come in 5 different sizes - XS, S, M, L and XL and it is stretchable to suit different sizes. 
AKIYO Exclusive Swarovski Romance Love Lavender Pearl Bracelet in Lilac; RM189 *NEW*
They come in white and peach colour.
The Swarovski beads also comes in all sorts of colours such as White, Purple, Green & etc.
You can even put on the charms in your pearl bracelet. How sweet 

Pearls are no longer the old fashioned accessories!
What's Your Life Story?

My AKIYO bracelet has a multi coloured snowflake and a baby blue mini snowflake. The reason why I chose this charm because it reminded me of my first trip out of the country. It was late November that year and it was also my first time experiencing real snow in America. It was such a unforgettable and precious memory ♥ 
I was 5 when I experienced my first snow, look how happy I am!
Snowflakes are so beautiful, innocent, fragile and mystical. They say no two snowflakes are alike, they are all different in shapes and sizes but they are still a snowflake. I'm unique and I have my own beautiful qualities but in many respects, I'm just like everyone else, in the same way that snowflakes are somehow alike. Same common structure but an infinite variety of internal delights.

Other Collection

AKIYO Jewelry also offers variety of 18k Gold & Stainless steel bracelets, anklets, rings and necklaces! This store is seriously a girl's heaven, you can shop for all sorts of accessories in AKIYO ♥

Necklaces; Starts from RM55
You can find 18k Gold & Stainless Steel necklaces in AKIYO Jewelry. 
AKIYO Jewelry do offers a wide range of different 18k pendants, some may be simple and plain ones and some has Swavorski elements.
Anklets; Starts from RM79
 AKIYO offers 18k Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold anklets, I'm surprised they have such a wide range of different anklets! It's really rare and it's hard to find a nice anklet as it is not a common accessory. I'm so happy I can find them here!
BanglesComes in Stainless Steel, 18k Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold.
Gemstones & Genuine Leather Bracelet; Starts from RM45
AKIYO Jewelry charms can be added into these bracelet as well.
Ceramic beads 
Rings; Starts from RM89
Looking for couple rings or getting a ring for your girlfriend? AKIYO offers variety of Japanese designer rings that are affordable yet exquisite designed rings!
Pictures of the day
It matches so well with my outfit of the day
Photo-bombed by my babes!
Group photo with the butterflies
Are you ready to tell your story?

AKIYO Jewelry
Parkamaya at Fahrenheit 88, 3rd Floor
Damansara Uptown PJ, No. 24M (1st Floor), Jalan SS21/39

*Prices are from AKIYO official website.

With love, 
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