Christmas 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Christmas again, how did you guys celebrate it this year? Time passes so quickly and it's year 2014 already! My family have a get-together session at my aunt's house again ♥ 

We did our normal tradition similar to last year's Christmas! We have roasted turkey, burgers and Christmas carols during our joyous celebration.
My Aunt's Fried Tom Yum Noodles!
My Mum's Steamed Pumpkin with Mushrooms & Carrots
It doesn't look good but it's super yummy!!
My Mum's Roasted Turkey
This year's turkey kinda failed LOL my mum over-burned it because she was dressing up.
My Aunt's Homemade Pork Bacon Patty!
The BEST pork patty I've ever eaten in my life.
Fresh Salad
I failed at slicing the eggs >.<
Burger corner ♥
Spot me!
My black roots >.<

I really look forward to have this Christmas tradition every year because it started when I was very young. Despite our busy schedule, everyone did tried their best to come and celebrate together as a family. I really hope we remain it as our family's yearly event ♥ 

With love, 
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