Review: Blincon Classic Secret Black

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The eyes are the window to the soul and it is one of the most noticeable part of our facial features! I bet every girl's dream is to have a pair of gorgeous eyes, as it can make you look stunning and more lively. The best solution to have a pair of alluring eyes is to put on contact lenses, they can instantly make your eyes "pop

It's kinda costly to have a pair of good contact lenses for the long run, we do not want to ruin our eyes with the ones they sell in the night market as it is not safe. I used to spent almost RM70 a month to invest in a pair of lenses. I am so thankful I found so that I can have better deals than buying at my local optical shops.

Blincon Classic Secret Black; RM49 at GlassesOnline (Retail price: RM98) 

This is my first time trying out Blicon because I've always been a fan of Freskon. Blicon is slightly cheaper and it also lasts 2 months longer than Freshkon!

  • Brand : Blincon Classic
  • Frequency : Quarterly Wear
  • Diameter : 14mm
  • Material : HEMA
  • Water Content : 42%
This packaging is much easier than the bottle ones as you won't hurt yourself when you open the metal seals.

Appearence: This contact lens enlarges 3 times more than my original iris size. I think it's too big to my liking but it looks super good in pictures. If you are looking for big puppy eyes, try this contact lens!

Usage: It's so comfortable, I can wear it the whole day without my eyes feeling dry. We are advised not to wear contact lens more than 8 hours but sometimes we're too busy to realize it so it's important to have a comfortable pair of lens. I also find that it's more comfortable than Freshkon!

Texture: It's not as soft as Freshkon, so I find it easier to insert and remove compared to Freshkon.

Value For Money: It's RM49 for 3 months, it's super affordable and worth every penny paid!

My extension is falling down after 2 months, I need to remove them soon :)
Dolly eyes with my droopy eyelash extension :'(
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