Review: Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

Monday, August 26, 2013

I was chosen to join the biggest mask party review by Tammy and T.T. Mask Malaysia and was given 3 pieces of the mask for review purpose. I think I need this mask as I felt that my skin is very dry because the weather in Malaysia is so hot!

T.T. Mask
T.T. Mask is known to specialize in sheet facial masks. Experts from world-renowned cosmetic research institutes create products for T.T. using the latest bio-technology. Each mask has a different function that can help various skin problems and reveal a brighter, firm, wrinkle-free and smooth complexion.

TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask - RM8.00/piece
Their masks are made in Taiwan 

Here are the ingredients and benefits of the Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask :

  • STAY-C®50 reduces dark spots and slows down formation of melanin to allow even toned finish for the skin and brings back clarity. It is one of the best active ingredients for skin whitening, and builds a blockage for UV rays.
  • m-Tranexamic Acid is medically used in prohibiting bleeding issues. It is proven to have highly effective result in reducing melanin growth and pigmentations. m-Tranexamic acid is capable in reversing and inhibiting dark spots to fight mild inflammation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is non-toxic that serves as the most important space filling substance in the human body. It holds water in the skin to keep collagen hydrated and provides a youthful look. Hyaluronic Acid has moisturizing capabilities on skin’s structure.
  • Menthol is derived from peppermint. It is used as a cooling agent and fragrance to give a refreshing and soothing sensation to the skin.
This cooling mask has won 2013 Taiwan Twelfth Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award

I love to put my mask in the fridge before applying on my face as I love the cooling effect! It makes me feel relax and closes up our open pores :)

Unlike other brands, T.T. mask sheet is made of specialized weaving technology as it fits perfectly on your face and the serum can absorb better into your face! The mask fits my face nicely and has a little stinging feeling at first. It's really very cooling and relaxing!

Directions for use:

  1. Use after face cleansing.
  2. Adjust mask to align the center of the mask with the center of the skin contours positioning openings for eyes and mouth. The darker side of the mask fits on the face to maximize the efficacy.
  3. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes.
  4. Gently massage the remaining essence into skin. Post cleansing is not needed.
  5. Apply skincare products thereafter to lock in moisture.

I scratch my chin and didn't realized the mask flipped :p
Hello a brighter and moisturised face :) 
The mask is really thin and there is a lot of serum left that I can rub on my neck area and elbow! 

Ease Of Use: 
It's really easy to put it on and after 15-20 minutes, the mask will be a little dry then you know it's time to remove it!

Value For Money:
It's really worth paying RM8 as my skin can absorbed pretty well! It also has a glowing and brightening effect on my face :)


T.T. Mask Malaysia

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