Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Taman Danau Desa

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My friend stumbled upon this place when we were supposed to have western that night, he was interested in having Korean BBQ instead so we went to try this out. I forgotten my camera that night so no pictures :'(

Last week, we went to give it a try again because I was craving for Korean BBQ. I suggested this place again because it was nearby and I was quite satisfied the first time we dine here 

You will have the option of sitting on the floor or tables.
I prefer to sit on the floor because it is more korean style :) Be sure to reach early because it gets crowded later at night.
Colourful Menus

Everyone gets their own sauce so no need to fight :) The bbq sauce with sesame is so yummy, works well with my bbq chicken.
This Ban-chan (Side Dishes) is so yummy compared to many korean restaurants! It's refillable for free, just eat! :D
They also provide one free steamed egg which is very yummy but so small :(
Boneless Chicken Barbeque - RM28 (1 pax)
This is super yummy, I suggest ordering this as it was one of the best barbeque chicken I've tasted!
Barbeque squid - RM28 (1 pax)
The bbq squid is so normal and not worth paying for this price. I suggest order the marinated BBQ pork which is so much better than this!

The bbq dishes comes with refillable fresh vegetables, rice can be ordered at RM5 per bowl which I find it super expensive! I normally refill vegetables and eat like a goat when it comes to korean bbq, maybe this is their secret of staying slim!

**The bill came at a total of RM90 but if pay by cash we only need to pay RM82! So do remember to bring enough cash to get that cash discount :)

Price: Reasonable
Environment: Simple and clean
Parking: Easy to find
Customer service: Acceptable but staff need to improve on their language because we had a hard time trying to understand what he said


Restaurant Nak Won 
Taman Desa Branch:
Jalan 2/109F, Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+603) 7987 3004 Fax: (+603) 7987 5004

They have another branch in Ampang.

Instagram: @carolyntay

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